Nick Viall is hinting that The Bachelor fans have exciting things to look forward to.

The Bachelor's 21st season just kicked off January 2, and Nick will be embarking on his first week of dates in the upcoming episode.

"Trust me, the drama unfolds almost immediately," Nick wrote in his People blog.

Part of the drama apparently stems from the Bachelor's pre-existing relationship with Liz Sandoz, a doula from Las Vegas and the best friend of Bachelor in Paradise favorite Jade Roper.

"I'm sure you're all wondering what happens with Liz. All I can say is I never thought my first week would have me so anxious because of someone from my past," confessed Nick, who had sex with Liz in January 2016 but didn't talk to her for nine months until she stepped out of a limo on Night 1 of the show.

Nick teased that "some shocking revelations" are in store as well as more "unanswered questions."

"You'll have to tune in and see for yourselves," Nick said. "You won't want to miss next week, I promise."

As for the rest of the season, Nick wrote in his blog that there will be "tears, heartbreak and more drama than I imagined."

Despite major ups and downs, Nick could at least hang his hat on the fact he was on a genuine search for his future wife.

"I started this journey with the hope I would find a love that could last forever," Nick explained, "a love that was returned and a love that I've never felt before. Throughout the season I questioned if I could find that... But where I stand today, I am a man who knows he never gave up."

The Bachelor's next episode airs Monday, January 9 at 8PM ET/PT on ABC.