If Mariah Carey does join The X Factor's judging panel, she will apparently be doing so without husband Nick Cannon's approval.

While Cannon made his comments prior to Monday's announcements that Paula Abdul and Nicole Scherzinger will not be part of The X Factor's second-season judging panel, the America's Got Talent host recently bashed rumors that Carey could replace Scherzinger for the show's next season.

"Like Nicole Scherzinger, my wife is not a fan of judging people. Nicole actually did say that she is used to performing and the judging thing is not really natural for her. I think that a lot of entertainers feel this way and I believe, I don't know. Personally, I think these shows are really good shows, but when you get someone of status or just is big-time career-wise to do these shows, I personally think it's a step down," Cannon said during a broadcast of his Rollin' with Nick Cannon radio show last week. 

Cannon went on to compare Carey's level of star quality to that of American Idol judge and Aerosmith lead singer Steven Tyler.

"Why would she do that? Why would my wife be a judge on a show like that? How is that helping the world out? Like to me, when I see Steven Tyler on American Idol, I'm like 'Dang. He used to be the man.' I see him in a different light now. I mean, he's still -- I can't take anything away from him. He's one of the greatest rock stars of all time, but it's almost like, 'Oh, that's what you gotta do for the check.' There'd have to be a good upside, in my opinion. That's just my opinion," Cannon explained.

Cannon -- clearly expressing support for the new upcoming judge Howard Stern on America's Got Talent -- suggested it would make more sense for a big-name celebrity to join a reality talent competition if it was a personal interest and not just a paying gig. 

"Like Howard Stern, who's going to be on our show, he loves America's Got Talent. The man has more money than God and can do whatever he wants to do, but he is really a fan of the show and wants to judge talent thinking it would be fun. So, for someone like that who would have fun on it, I get it. But for somebody who has a legendary career, I don't know why they would do that. So, I don't know if there's any truth to [the rumors]. I didn't think Nicole was that bad on X Factor," Cannon said.

Shortly after Scherzinger and Abdul confirmed they would not be returning to The X Factor for its second season, reports emerged speculating that The X Factor creator and lead judge Simon Cowell -- who had been interested in having Carey be part of The X Factor's original judging panel -- will renew his pursuit of the singer. 

During The X Factor's first season, Cowell had arranged for Carey to assist him when he was whittling down his share of the Top 32 acts pool in the competition's "Judges' Homes" phase. However, Carey failed to make an appearance and Cowell attributed her absence to weather-related travel issues.