Looking to shake the show's format up a bit after The Apprentice's first two seasons initially featured teams divided by sex, NBC announced Thursday that The Apprentice 3 will feature two teams divided into well-educated professionals and hardworking entrepreneurs who have succeeded despite possessing only a high school diploma

Featuring a group of eighteen contestants that are also equally divided between men and women, The Apprentice 3 -- billed by NBC as a battle between "book smarts" and "street smarts" -- will debut Thursday, January 20 at 8PM ET/PT with a special 90-minute premiere.

While NBC has not yet revealed the full identities of the contestants, women will have the 5-4 edge on the "streets smart" team, while the men will hold the 5-4 advantage on the "book smarts" team.

Burger King, Home Depot, Domino's and Nescafe are among the major corporations that will participate in the third season's new tasks. In the first episode, the high school grads and the college grads compete to see who can come up with the most enticing new Burger King menu item, according to TV Guide.