Wow, NBC really is new at this whole reality TV contestant scandalous past thing -- today's surprise news that bachelor Rob Campos of "For Love Or Money" was expelled from the US Navy's JAG training program as a result of a drunken grope of a female Navy officer apparently perturbed the network so much, that they have released an official statement. Maybe FOX or CBS can teach them a thing or two about dealing with reality TV star scandal... (ignore it -- the person will quickly fade back into obscurity from which they came.) Below is NBC's official statement.

The producers of “For Love or Money,” Bruce Nash Entertainment and NBC Studios, investigated Rob Campos, as well as other potential participants, prior to selecting them for participation in “For Love or Money.” In connection with the investigation, the producers learned that Mr. Campos is a practicing attorney who is a member in good standing of the Texas state bar. NBC and Nash were not aware of the incident that occurred while Mr. Campos was in the military. The incident is not public record, and thus was not found in the public record searches conducted by the investigator hired by the show. Nor did Mr. Campos inform the producers about the incident. Clearly, this would have been material information during the screening process.

At this point, NBC and Nash have completed production of the show. The actions of the participants were carefully monitored throughout the production. NBC and Nash only learned about the incident on Friday.

Mr. Campos has issued the following statement: “I have apologized to NBC and Nash for not informing them about the incident. I had believed that it was a private matter that had been resolved. I received two commendations while in the military, as well as an honorable discharge, and did not believe that the incident was relevant to my potential participation in the show. In connection with the incident, I have acknowledged that I behaved inappropriately.”

Ah, there goes Rob carrying on about his medals again. We can't help but wonder which medal was related to his non-judicial punishment for the groping incident and subsequent banishment to a logistics base in Albany, Georgia. Or perhaps they were related to his possible successful completion of a Navy-ordered substance abuse treatment program? After being expelled from the JAG program, leaving the Marines less than two full years after enlisting (over a year and a half short of his original enlistment duration,) and never having been promoted from his original rank as a lowly second lieutenant, we think Rob's record speaks for itself.

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