As we reported way back in May, NBC, with (false) visions of "Joe Millionaire"-like ratings in their heads, began filming a second bachelorette edition of "For Love Or Money" before Rob Campos-lead current edition of the series even premiered. Later on we received a possible spoiler tip that identified which of the current edition's single ladies was tapped to star in the bachelorette edition (as well as who "wins" the current series), but we have to say that even we're surprised to learn how quickly NBC plans to air the second edition.

According to, NBC won't yet reveal who will star in the second edition (or even that the star will be one of the previous edition's single women) but they have announced that the second edition of the reality dating show will premiere on Monday, July 14 in the same 9PM ET timeslot -- the very next week after the current series run ends on Monday, July 7th! How's that for a quick sequel...

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