Winter might not yet have officially begun, but with The Apprentice producer Mark Burnett seemingly becoming busier with each passing day, NBC has already begun accepting applications for next fall's The Apprentice 4.

While a mail-in application deadline has not been announced, the application states that regional semifinalist interviews will take place in February 2005 in sixteen US cities, so presumably the deadline will be sometime before then.

In addition to containing a completed application form, all mail-in applications must be must be accompanied by a ten-minute videotape. All applicants must be at least 21 years of age and in excellent mental and physical health.

Finalist interviews are scheduled to be conducted in Los Angeles during March 2005, with filming scheduled to occur during an up to eight week period in Spring/Summer 2005.

The Apprentice 4 applications can be downloaded from

In addition to The Apprentice 4, Burnett's other already scheduled Spring/Summer 2005 commitments include the filming of Survivor 10, the production and broadcast of his new CBS Rock Star series, and preparing for the launch of the new Martha Stewart syndicated daily series that he will executive produce.