MTV has revealed the identities of the "seven strangers" who will be living together when The Real World: Austin, the sixteenth edition of the long-running reality series, debuts on Tuesday, June 21 with a special one-hour premiere.

This season's cast will be living in a swanked out 23,000 square foot warehouse in located in downtown Austin, Texas -- digs that are more than double the size of last season's 10,000 square foot Philadelphia home (as they say, things are apparently always bigger in Texas.)

According to The Associated Press, a developer had begun to convert the warehouse to office space right when the dotcom bubble burst -- causing the project to be abandoned. The producers hired Austin interior designer Joel Mozersky to handle the makeover, which includes a 18-foot tall neon cowboy sign named Big Tex in the home's foyer and a small indoor pool in the middle of the house. Fear not though, the installation of the requisite hot tub was also part of the makeover.

With Austin's house only blocks from the city's bar district, the new season's cast wasn't given a car, forcing them to become familiar with Austin's Dillo trolleys and Metro buses. In addition to enjoying a vacation to Costa Rica, the cast should also be able to have some fun accomplishing this season's job assignment -- to make a documentary about the bands who performed at the South by Southwest music festival that took place when the show was filming..

The seven members of this season's cast -- none of which are gay -- are:

• Danny, a 21-year-old from Billerica, MA. Described by MTV as "humble, sensitive and good looking," Danny considers himself to be a diehard Bostonian who fears that if he doesn't stretch his wings and leave his hometown soon, he will never get a chance to fly. Danny would love to become a lawyer someday, but right now he feels that he needs to help his father with the family business.

• Johanna, a 21-year-old from Riverside, CA. Described by MTV as a "stunning and fiery Peruvian living in Southern California," Johanna feels that she can use her combination of looks and smarts to get anything she wants. Highly opinionated and argumentative, Johanna came to the United States when she was eleven and hopes to become a clinical therapist that specializes in marriage and family counseling

• Lacey, a 23-year-old from Tallahassee, FL. The oldest member of this season's cast, Lacey is the resident virgin. Described by MTV as the type of person who is "so truly unique... [that] you think they exist in a parallel universe," Lacey was raised by devoutly religious ex-hippie parents. Since her television and movie viewing was strictly monitored, she has limited knowledge of pop culture -- a fact that made her a bit of an outsider in school.

• Melinda, a 21-year-old from Germantown, WI. An aspiring dentist, Melinda is currently studying to be a dental hygienist and works as a waitress. Billed by MTV as an "ugly duckling turned beautiful swan," Melinda is a once-shy girl who now says that she'll "try anything once." Oh, and she also describes herself as "a nymphomaniac."

• Nehemiah, a 19-year-old from Rancho Cucamonga, CA. Born to a mother who is currently in rehab, Nehemiah was forced to grow up quick and considers himself to be a survivor. MTV describes Nehemiah as a "bright, charismatic young man who has the wisdom and experience of someone far beyond his years."

• Rachel, a 21-year-old from Valencia, CA. An Iraq War veteran, Rachel spent four years in the Army as a combat nurse, where she learned to be tough, confident and outspoken. Admitting that she has a "high sex drive," Rachel considers Jenna Jameson to be her hero and isn't sure whether she'll be able to remain faithful to the boyfriend whom she met in Iraq.

• Wes, a 19-year-old from Kansas City, KS. According to MTV, Wes is "the kind of guy you love to hate." Wes presents himself to be an obnoxious, super-competitive jock, but is also bright and entrepreneurial. An Arizona State University fraternity brother, Wes can't wait to get out of college so that he can start his own business.