Judged to "not want it enough" after she got sick and failed to participate in the episode's photo shoot, Monique Calhoun, a 19-year-old marketing representative from Chicago, Illinois, became the third girl eliminated from the seventh edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's broadcast of The CW reality show

Top Model 7's fourth episode began with the eleven remaining girls returning back to the house and relaxing after Megan Morris was eliminated. While all of the girls were thankful to have survived another elimination ceremony, many of them felt that, instead of Megan, several other girls -- particularly Monique, the house diva -- had been more "deserving" of being eliminated.

"I think Monique or Eugena should have gone home, they had terrible attitudes, they still have terrible attitudes," A.J. Stewart commented. "I think everyone's feeling the same way," Melrose Bickerstaff responded when A.J. publicly voiced her feelings on the matter.

The next day, J. Alexander surprised the girls with a unique runway exercise that took place atop a " wide tight rope and was intended to teach the girls balance and posture. As the girls went through the exercise, Monique used her ongoing competition with Melrose as motivation. "Mel just acts like she's so perfect and she's not... she just has to be the better person all the time but right now I'm focused on getting better and showing that I am Top Model material," Monique told the cameras.

Once the girls got back to the house, it didn't take long for Monique to again resume her rivalry with Melrose. "I specifically called first for the phone," Monique -- who had intentionally hogged the house phone for over two and a half hours and kept Melrose from being able to call her landlord during last week's episode -- whined at Melrose when she discovered that Melrose was already on the phone talking to her mother. "I shouldn't have to wait."

"I have never, ever despised somebody so much before in my life," Monique, who made a point of intentionally bumping into Melrose when left the phone room and later rubbed her dirty underwear on Melrose's bed sheets, boasted the cameras during a confessional.

"Monique, she's very stressed out, she can't control her emotions, this might be too much for her," Eugena Washington commented. "She's crazy, we're afraid that she'll like cut up all of our clothes" Jaeda Young told the cameras. "She's capable of anything... I hate that she's in this house," CariDee English added during her own confessional.

The next day, the girls met with J. Alexander and "Cycle 5" finalist Bre Scullark. Once there, they competed in a challenge that required them to don evening gowns, high heels, and opera masks that impaired their vision and then show off their improved balance and posture by strutting down a "runway" made of grass and broken slabs of concrete.

While the challenge was difficult, several of the girls were able to stay poised and confident -- a development that made Monique all the more aware that she was falling behind several of the other girls. "I know that I need to step up a little bit more," Monique said. But in a development that brought delight to Monique, Melrose appeared to struggle the most with the challenge. "Melrose, she always overreacts, 'Oh my god, I'm going to die,'" Monique gushed during confessional.

When the challenge ended, A.J. was selected as its winner. At the winner, A.J. won the right to fly to Austin, Texas and model in the Dennis Quaid Charity Weekend Fashion Show, an event that raises money for children's charities. A.J. also got to choose two other girls to join her in the show. Although Brooke Miller -- a resident of nearby Keller, Texas -- campaigned to be selected, A.J. picked CariDee and Megg Morales.

Once the girls got back to the house, the stressful environment that Monique had created for herself appeared to catch up with her. "After it was over, I was really starting to get sick, my head was hurting really, really bad [and] one minute I'd be really, really, hot [and] the next minute I'd be really, really, cold," Monique later explained to the cameras. After crawling into bed and taking a nap only appeared to make her sicker, Monique was taken to the hospital, treated for dehydration, and told to drink lots of fluids.

Although she still wasn't feeling very well the following morning, Monique decided that she was still going to attend the today's photo shoot with the rest of the remaining girls. "I'm going to suck it up and try and find some strength from somewhere," Monique explained.

But after arriving at the photo shoot and discovering that the photo shoot would require the girls to participate in a mock runway show, Monique changed her mind and told Jay Manuel that she wanted to go back to the house. "My heart and mind says to stay here, but my body says no you can't," Monique said.
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After Monique left, Michelle noted that although eventual Top Model 6 winner Danielle Evans had been in a worse dehydration situation that had required doctors to admit her for hospitalization, unlike Monique, Danielle had overridden her doctor's recommendation, checked herself out of the hospital, and participated in a shoot that required her to pose atop an elephant.

Once the girls got back from the difficult shoot that required them to walk down an inground pool floating runway that wobbled and tilted as they walked, Monique's decision to quit the challenge was a popular topic of conversation. Most of the girls felt that had they been in the same situation, they'd have found a way to still participate in the photo shoot. "I don't know if because the doctor says not to work you can't work, I mean maybe God's place for Monique isn't here," Melrose commented.

During the following day's judging session, each girl had the chance to demonstrate what they learned about balance and posture by balancing a bowl of fruit on their head as they walked the runway for the judges. Although Monique participated in the judging session walk, the judges decided -- via an impromptu song and dance session -- that given she had decided to pass on the previous day's runway show shoot, she may not be able to handle the stress and pressure of the competition.

"We looked at you and wondered 'Does she want this enough?' We've had girls on Top Model that have been sick -- IV's, oxygen -- but they've gotten up and they've trekked through the jungle on an elephant to do a photo shoot. So we wonder just how sick was she and even if she was sick, maybe her [previous] photos aren't as strong [as those of the other remaining girls]," Tyra explained to Monique before eliminating her from the competition.

Monique maintained her diva attitude even after her elimination. "I just felt that this whole time here was honestly a waste, that's all I have to say, farewell," Monique told the cameras during her departure confessional. "Melrose is going to have a freaking party... that's the part that really sucks, I didn't want to give her the satisfaction of my leaving."