Miley Cyrus says "The Voice" won't be littered with girl-on-girl cat fights now that she and Alicia Keys are coming aboard as judges.

Speaking with "The Tonight Show" host Jimmy Fallon on Tuesday night, the "Karen Don't Be Sad," singer said she was "really excited" for the show's eleventh season.

"I think The Voice this year is going to be very fun because we've got Alicia, who is the first year there's been two girls," she said. "I think everybody loves to see Blake and Adam go back and forth, and we actually are kind of very much the opposite. We were together today, and it's like a total love fest, it's just her and I are just extremely mellow."

"I think people when they put girls on TV they expect, 'this is how we're gonna get the ratings because there's gonna be drama and there's gonna be cat fights' and...they're thinking that we're gonna bring the dramatics to the show," Cyrus added. "We couldn't be more opposite...we just both love music."

During her visit to "Tonight," Cyrus also took part in a game of Funny Face Off, making the same funny faces that child viewers sent to the show.

Cyrus and Fallon faced off for two rounds before finishing up together on the final expression.