Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino has revealed a prescribed medication to treat his previous Dancing with the Stars injury is what sparked his addiction.

"I was obviously on Dancing with the Stars in [2010] and I hurt my lower back and neck. And by a doctor, I was prescribed an opiate prescription painkiller. And after months, I became dependant on this medication. I had to take it just to go on with my day," the former Jersey Shore star told CBS's WLNY-TV affiliate in Long Island, NY during a sit-down interview.

"And you know, because I had that prescription, I thought it was okay. I tried to continue living and sort of hiding this problem that I had for a couple months until I eventually had to get help."

The Situation said he realized he had a serious, dehabilitating problem while he was overseas in Australia in February 2012.

"I really couldn't get my hands on my medication. And I was lying in my bed, and I had to do an appearance for about one hour. My family was there, and I had everything laid out. My family had the shirt laid out, the belt laid out, the shoes laid out, the shower's on -- all I had to do was just get up and walk in the shower and then go to the event," The Situation explained.

"And I really couldn't get up, I didn't feel well. Right then and there, I knew. I said, 'Listen, if I can't do this -- get up and simply get dressed -- how am I going to continue to do the next [season of] Jersey Shore? How am I going to continue to do TV or film or continue the blessing that has been blessed upon me?' And so the next day, I was on a plane to Utah and rehab, recovery."

In a separate interview with The Associated Press, The Situation put to rest any speculation he had been battling from alcohol abuse in addition to the prescription drugs.

"Those rumors were definitely false. I didn't mix anything," he told The AP. 

The eleventh-season Dancing with the Stars contestant finished rehab in April 2012 after entering a treatment program a month earlier for his drug dependency problem. He also told MTV News in May of that year alcohol wasn't even a factor in why he sought treatment.

"It was strictly painkillers and I never mixed them either, even on Jersey Shore, which obviously people have seen me with a drink in my hand and I was never drunk," The Situation said at the time. "I was the guy that was the ladies man. You know, you can't get girls if you can't speak to them. So drinking was definitely not an issue for me."

The Situation has since gotten things under control and hopes his story will help at least one person.

"I'm doing actually very well," he added in his WLNY interview. "'The Situation' is under control, as you would say."