Michael Stagliano is going to be a dad!

Michael, a fifth-season The Bachelorette bachelor and second-season Bachelor Pad winner, and his wife Emily are expecting their first child together, a baby boy.

"So excited to share the good news. And it's two fold. 1. Today is our two year anniversary and we are in LEEERV! 2. We are having a BABY BOY! Whaow! Something is in the water out there for the Bachelor Crew," Michael captioned a photo of himself, his wife and their dog on Instagram Tuesday before referencing other expecting pregnant Bachelor contestants and their significant others.

"@desireesiegfried @_jprosenbaum @ashleylynnrosenbaum @seanloweksu @catherinegiudici @alifedotowsky @jillian.harris good things! @emilystag and I are beyond excited, thank you for all the love and support Bachelor Fans."

Michael and Emily, who met four years ago and are celebrating their two-year wedding anniversary on Tuesday, revealed to People the baby is due in November.

"For our family, we did something a bit more special, but for our close friends, we've just been blindsiding them in conversation," Michael, 32, told the magazine, adding that Emily is "insanely loving and nurturing" and their loved ones' reactions to the news have been "so great."

Being an uncle apparently inspired Michael to start a family of his own. His twin brother Stephen Stagliano and his wife, former Bachelorette DeAnna Pappas, have two children.

"We knew that we wanted to wait a tiny bit after we got married. As soon as we got to hold [our niece] Addison, that gave us a little bit of baby fever," Michael said.

"[Their son] Austin was born in March and our little guy will be here in early November, so they'll be close in age," added Emily, 31.

Emily has had an easy pregnancy so far, as she's been feeling "great" with no morning sickness.

"I almost feel guilty!" Emily told People, adding that she's been craving candy and ice cream more than usual. "There have been many nights where Michael will voluntarily go out and get ice cream for us. He'll say, 'No no no, you stay here, I'll go out and get us some ice cream.' He's been very sweet."

Emily, who works in finance, anticipates Michael will be an excellent father.

"I know he will be present and ready to help and making that kid's day every single day with his smile and his energy," Emily said. "I know that our son will be very well loved because Michael's [his] dad."

The couple chose the baby's name before they were even married, however, they are going to wait to reveal it until he's born.

"Totally healthy to talk about baby names on date number three!" joked Michael, who proposed to Emily seven months after they began dating. "[But] it worked out for us."