Melissa Rivers has no regrets for the expletives-laced tirade she launched after Donald Trump fired her from the second season of The Celebrity Apprentice.

"Of course you don't ever want to lose your cool, but I'm human. I was exhausted. I just got pushed too far," Rivers told The New York Post on Monday about the incident, which featured both Rivers and her mother Joan Rivers verbally attacking fellow contestants Annie Dukes and Brande Roderick after Rivers was fired at the conclusion of Sunday night's The Celebrity Apprentice broadcast on NBC.

Rivers had run straight to her mother, who had been watching the boardroom session via video feed from the show's contestant suite, and begun bashing fellow Athena teammates Dukes and Roderick -- whom she had accused of forcing a "cabal" to eliminate her -- immediately after Trump had announced her firing.

"They both f--ked m.e.. like two little whore pit vipers! Whore pit vipers!" Rivers shouted at her mother, who had previously announced that she would quit the show if the younger Rivers was fired, as she packed her personal items and prepared to leave with her daughter.

"You gotta admit it's a great line," River told The Post on Monday.

After brushing off Dukes and Roderick's attempts to say goodbye, Rivers then turned her attention to the show's producers.

"I want my sh-t and I want it now... I'm not getting in [the elevator] without it... and  I'm not coming back for an interview," Rivers shouted toward the show's production staff area.

Meanwhile, Joan Rivers -- who had already compared Dukes to Hitler when they'd clashed in earlier episodes -- confronted Duke and Roderick directly, telling Dukes she was "a piece of trash" and lecturing Roderick that she was "a stupid blonde" that had "been so manipulated" by Duke.

After arguing with Roderick and telling her that she didn't believe that the competition's $250,000 charity prize could mean "so much" to her and "didn't want to hear this charity nonsense," Joan Rivers had then turned her attention back to Dukes.

"You're a poker player!  A poker player! That's beyond white trash!" she shouted at Dukes.

Joan Rivers had then joined her daughter at the floor's elevator lobby, where the younger Rivers had begun berating the show's producers.

"I want my f--king stuff now!" Melissa Rivers shouted as she began to enter the show's production staff area. 
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"I want my purse -- I want everything," she said as she waved her fingers. 

"And David, you're not getting an [exit] interview," Rivers continued before launching a string of expletives that had to be completely censored.

"Get the f--king elevator, I'm f--king done," Rivers continued to shout.  "I'm not coming back -- yeah, I'm really unaffected. F--k everyone."

"F--king bulls--t," Rivers shouted as she and her mother finally boarded the waiting elevator and left the show's Trump Tower location. "Lying f--king whores."

However even though the footage shown on The Celebrity Apprentice's Sunday night broadcast was filmed more than six months ago, time has apparently done nothing to change Rivers' mind about her behavior.

"I said what a lot of women have wanted to say to those kinds of girls their entire lives," Rivers told The Post. "It was like being in high school all over again."

In addition, Rivers also attempted to suggest that, given she eventually returned for an exit interview (see below) in which she attempted to spin her behavior, she had somehow ended her The Celebrity Apprentice experience "as a professional."

"I went and cooled down," Rivers told The Post. "I did come back the next morning as a professional and did my exit interview."