Meat Loaf and Lil' Jon have become the latest stars fired on "The Celebrity Apprentice" in New York.

Going into next Sunday's finale are singer John Rich and actress Marlee Matlin.

Previous "Celebrity Apprentice" winners Joan Rivers, Piers Morgan and Bret Michaels offered the show's host and producer Donald Trump their recommendations for who should be fired in Sunday night's episode of the show, E! News said.

"Piers and Joan and Bret didn't like your emotions," Trump told Meat Loaf. "But, I think your emotions are beautiful. Even though I think the emotion is a positive, from a business standpoint too much emotion can be not so good. Therefore, Meat Loaf you're fired."

E! News said Lil' Jon got the boot after he said he thought John Rich and Marlee Matlin would be the only two to make it to the final round.

"The advisers, my three champions, hated your answer when they asked you who should be in the finals and you didn't say yourself," Trump said. "Lil' Jon, you're fired."