Matthew "Matt" Munson is one of only six bachelors remaining on Season 13 of The Bachelorette with Rachel Lindsay.

Matt is a 32-year-old construction sales representative from Meriden, CT. Because of all the drama this season, unfortunately Matt's alone time with Rachel has been cut short -- or some might argue it was cut entirely.

Viewers can recall he was the guy who walked out in a penguin suit on Night 1, which Rachel must have liked, but that's about it. Other than showing his skills on the basketball court during an early group date in Los Angeles, The Bachelorette fans haven't seen much of Matt.

Another guy in his shoes is Adam Gottschalk, who has also been missing from most of the action. Since Rachel is already down to six guys, does this mean Matt and Adam don't stand a chance, or will they suddenly be shown winning over Rachel when it matters most?

Below is a list of 9 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Matt Munson:

- Matt constantly gets compared to his father, which he says is the best compliment he could ever receive. He greatly admires his parents' happy marriage.

- The Bachelorette suitor works as a construction sales representative for L. Suzio companies, which is based in Meriden.

- Matt volunteers as a basketball coach for the Boys & Girls Club in Meriden. He's been working with inner city kids for 10 years now.

- The 6'3" bachelor has no tattoos, and if he could have one superpower, he'd choose telepathy to make dating women a lot easier.

- One of Matt's all-time favorite movies is Wedding Crashers.

- If Matt could be someone else for just one day, he would pick TV journalist Matt Lauer so he could help people start their day on the right foot. Matt says that Lauer seems like a genuine guy and a class act.

- When it comes to music, you might catch Matt listening to Justin Timberlake, Train or John Mayer on his iPod. He appreciates how they have all done their own thing while standing the test of time.

- Matt's most romantic gift ever to a girl was lingerie. The bachelor said he knew he was in love once he found himself shopping at Victoria's Secret.

- The craziest place Matt has ever had sex is the balcony of a cruise ship.