Matt Clines has been playing a pretty under-the-radar Big Brother game until now. 

Matt is a 33-year-old renovation consultant from Arlington, VA, who is known for his sexy salt and pepper hair.

Matt was floating through the game until he was asked to throw the latest "Temptation Competition" so that the house's main target, Cody Nickson, could not finish it in last place and end up on the chopping block. The Head of Household Alex Ow's plan is to backdoor Cody, so by choosing not to nominate him for eviction, his chances of playing in the next Power of Veto competition are slim.

Matt is currently on the chopping block as a pawn next to Elena Davies and Jason Dent, and fans will watch him play for the veto this week. Is Matt risking too much for the benefit of his alliance or is he making smart decisions by proving his loyalty and that he's deserving of trust?

Below is a list of 10 facts Reality TV World has compiled about Matt Clines:

- The Big Brother houseguest is 5'10" and a college graduate. Throughout school, he always played sports.

- Matt has competed in bodybuilding competitions and previously worked as a financial analyst.

- If he could have taken three things into the Big Brother house with him, he would have chosen his adjustable dumbbells, beard trimmer and tweezers.

- Matt's favorite Big Brother player of all time is Donny Thompson, a groundskeeper with a long beard who wore camouflage, from Season 16. Matt thought he was generally a good dude and a fun little man.

- Matt is pursuing his personal training and nutritionist certification so that he can train and motivate others to get in shape.

- He admitted he would rather have America love him by the end of his time on Big Brother than actually win the game and the $500,000.

- Matt's mottos in life are modeled after Van Wilder, who advised people not to take life too seriously, as well as rapper Lil' Wayne, who said he gives thanks every time he sees the sunshine.

- If Matt could describe himself in three words, he'd say fun, competitive and silly.

- The BB houseguest believes he is the only person who really took 21 shots on his 21st birthday. (That probably didn't end well).

- Matt has been naked before in the Planet Hollywood Las Vegas hotel lobby.