Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? featured Molly Duff voicing her opinion for the first time on Jonathan Francetic and Jessica Griffin's romance, Amber Bowles begging Matthew Gwynne to sign their separation papers, jaw-dropping revelations, and never-before scene footage of traumatic pregnancy scares for Ashley Petta and Danielle Bergman.

The ultimate series reunion that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime featured cast members from previous Married at First Sight seasons sitting down or videochatting with host Kevin Frazier to discuss the latest on their relationships or single lives.


The couples or singles who were featured on Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? were Jamie Otis and Doug Hehner from Season 1 which took place in New York, Samantha Role from Season 3 in Atlanta, Ashley and Anthony D'Amico from Season 5 in Chicago, Shawniece Jackson and Jephte Pierre from Season 6 in Boston, Molly also from Season 6, Danielle and Bobby Dodd from Season 7 in Dallas, Elizabeth Bice and Jamie Thompson from Season 9 in Charlotte, and Amber and Matt also from Season 9.

In addition, the following former cast members provided very brief updates on their current relationship status: Cortney Hendrix from Season 1, Tres Russell from Season 3, Neil Bowlus from Season 3, David Norton from Season 3 and Second Chances, Tom Wilson from Season 4, Lillian Vilchez from Season 4, Nate Duhon from Season 5, Danielle DeGroot from Season 5, Kristine Killingsworth and Keith Dewar from Season 8, AJ Vollmoeller and Stephanie Sersen from Season 8, and Jaclyn Schwartzberg from Season 9.

Below is the latest on each Married at First Sight couple or participant who appeared on the special.

Ashley and Anthony

The couple said "life is good" and it felt like "so long ago" they got married on the show.

Ashley and Anthony gushed about having an instant attraction on their wedding day, with Ashley saying Anthony was easy to get along with and she was happy he was able to put up with her.

Ashley admitted, however, she and Anthony have very different communication styles and so they're still working on it. For example, Ashley likes to talk about problems right away, while Anthony wants to relax and think things through before opening up.

Ashley said her pregnancy was "amazing," and Anthony added it was a "surreal" experience to discover his wife was expecting and he was going to be a father. Ashley said they both wanted a baby at the same time and were ecstatic about it.


Ashley and Anthony were shown recording sweet messages for their daughter, Mila Rose, before she was born, and Ashley cried with joy over the thought of holding and kissing her little bundle of joy.

"When I went into Married at First Sight, I think I made it pretty clear that I wanted to be a mom. That was definitely a requirement for my future husband; whomever I was matched with needed to be ready for that," Ashley said.
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"And I couldn't imagine doing it with anyone else."

But at 37 weeks pregnant, the growth of Ashley and Anthony's unborn baby had slowed unexpectedly.

If the baby has not gained 11 ounces, her doctor may induce delivery... immediately," read an onscreen graphic.

Ashley and Anthony were shown going to a doctor appointment, and they weren't sure whether something was wrong with their baby. While Ashley tried to remain optimistic, she confessed she was "freaking out" in the back of her mind.

The baby needed to weigh 5.5 pounds in order to be a healthy weight, but she had only gained two ounces in two weeks, which Ashley said was "not enough." It was a concerning and frightening moment for the couple.

Ashley told Kevin that she had an extremely easy pregnancy up to that point, and it was only 10 days before that doctor appointment the couple had learned their baby was too small during an ultrasound. The pair didn't understand why they were just finding this out, and Ashley called it "a shock."

"I think this was the only time in our relationship that I was more calm than Anthony," Ashley shared. "I guess I wouldn't let that bad feeling take over me. That's how I stayed strong and reassured him."

The couple learned during Ashley's doctor visit she'd have to be induced and give labor that very day. She was therefore rushed to the maternity ward to prepare for the birth of her daughter.

Doctors gave Ashley pitocin to force her labor to begin, and after three-and-a-half hours of being in the hospital, the pitocin was "really starting to kick in," according to Anthony. Ashley's contractions appeared painful.


At the 12-hour mark, Anthony noticed Ashley was shaking and quivering, and he didn't know how to help her. Ashley said she needed to push, and then she was given the okay. Ten minutes later, Mila arrived and she was a beautiful, healthy baby.

"At 3:34 this morning, four pounds and 14 ounces, Mila Rose came into this world and she is absolutely perfect," Ashley told the cameras.

"Two-and-a-half years ago, I married a stranger, Ashley. People told me, 'You're crazy. I can't believe you're doing this. I can't believe you're marrying a stranger.' But look at me now! The biggest risks in life sometimes have the biggest rewards," Anthony said, as footage was shown of him kissing his newborn girl.

Anthony said he couldn't think of a better reward than Mila and the family he was given. Ashley cried about Mila being everything she could have asked for.

Anthony told Kevin he "saw love that day" when looking at his daughter for the first time. Anthony said he had never been more vulnerable in his life, and Ashley said her dreams have come true.

Anthony then gushed about Mila's personality and how she's sweet, goofy and funny like her father.

When asked about Baby No. 2, Ashley replied, "We're hoping soon, but we've been trying for a while, and we'll see!"

"We're trying right now... I'm hoping [for a boy]. Let's make it one and one, make it easy," Anthony joked.

Ashley said she'd be happy with either a boy or a girl because it would be nice for Mila to have a sister.


After filming ended, Ashley revealed Anthony never left her although she kind of tried to push him out the door. Anthony disclosed he had actually spent the first couple of months following "Decision Day" sleeping in a separate room.

"After filming, you have to fall in love on your own. I wanted to feel like I chose this relationship, and he didn't leave," Ashley shared.

In an interesting tid-bit of information, Ashley and Anthony also revealed they've never discussed their exes with each other.

Shawniece and Jephte

Shawniece said being parents is a tiring and exhausting job. After watching footage back of their relationship, Jephte said they had a lot of "beautiful moments" as well as "learning moments."

When baby Laura was just a few months old, Shawniece and Jephte's relationship was not in a good place.

"How is it now?" Kevin asked.

"We've come far from where we were then. I think the hardest thing is learning how to parent and still get the relationship to where it needs to be," Shawniece explained.

Jephte said with hindsight being 20/20, he and Shawniece have been trying to stay focused on each other because they didn't want their baby to turn 18, leaving them clueless about each other and who they've become.

Jephte wanted to make sure his marriage would be solid, even without their baby, and so they've trying to attack that fear head on.

"We're in a happy place," Shawniece confirmed.

"We're definitely happy," Jephte said.


Shawniece and Jephte, however, weren't wearing their wedding rings. Jephte explained their first go-around was so tough that they wanted to alleviate some pressure and label their relationship only when they're truly ready -- on their own time and in their own way.

"I decided I wouldn't wear a ring until I got down on one knee and proposed to her myself," Jephte shared.

Jephte pointed out he was saving up money for a big ring, and Shawniece insisted it didn't bother her that Jephte goes out without a ring because she knows plenty of men who wear their rings but do things they're not supposed to.

"Our commitment is beyond the rings, and we've been committed to each other since we came back together and said, 'Let's do this,'" Shawniece revealed.

Jephte confessed there was one point when he believed his relationship with Shawniece was done and over with and he was dating other women.

"I was ready to just take care of the baby but she had me blocked," Jephte disclosed.

"I had to go through her mother and make fake Twitter pages to follow her and make sure she was okay. She said we were done. She sent me a long paragraph text at the moment she knows when I wake up so I could see it first thing in the morning. We were done, done."

Shawniece admitted she was done, adding, "If I could sign a divorce that day that I said I wanted to, [I would have]. We were still married on paper. We were still technically married, but I had already separated myself, like, 'Okay, cool. Let's just let it be over and done with. Done!"

Jephte acknowledged they've had their fair share of arguments but always find a way back to each other.

Jephte said Laura just learned how to say, "No," suggesting she's a handful.


When asked what's in their future together, Shawniece said she's opening up a wig line, running a salon and working full-time. Jephte revealed he's trying to transition out of teaching and try new things he's passionate about.

Shawniece said had Jephte not been willing to come back and worth things out after their second breakup, they would be divorced today.

"I just got to the point where I wanted to give up, and I protect myself by shutting down," Shawniece said.

Molly Duff

Molly joined Kevin on video chat and decided to talk about her ex-husband Jonathan Francetic's new relationship -- and engagement -- to former Married at First Sight expert Dr. Jessica Griffin for the first time, publicly.

Molly said she was "a little bit nervous" to hash through the past because she had "made a point to be silent on social media" and keep her opinion to herself.

"I guess this is an opportunity to share my thoughts," Molly noted.

Now that years of past, Molly said if she could go back and do it all over again, she wishes she had advocated for herself a little bit more from the beginning. Molly said she doesn't always defend or speak up for herself.

"I kind of took it and took it and took it, and ended up losing my cool towards the very end, and it didn't look great on me," Molly claimed.

Molly received a lot of backlash for divorcing Jonathan, who was viewed as a great, sincere guy on their season. Molly revealed she had received messages from people telling her that she's ugly and should kill herself.

"That honestly brought me to my breaking point where I was like, 'I need to go to therapy. This isn't healthy at all.' I was just shocked that people are so cold-hearted," Molly said.


After Molly and Jonathan's relationship ended, rumors started swirling that Jonathan was romantically involved with someone else, and that person was Jessica, who had matched them to marry on Season 6.

"Two years later, they are engaged and set to be married. How did you feel when you heard about this?" Kevin asked Molly.

"I think it sucked because part of me was like, 'Okay, this is someone I had been confiding in the whole time," Molly replied.

"She was supposed to be fighting for our marriage together, and then kind of out of the blue seeing they're suddenly together, it sucked. It sucked that it was someone I confided in that was supposed to be rooting for us, and I guess that's his person."

Molly let out a laugh and then Kevin asked if she wondered whether there was an attraction between Jonathan and Jessica during filming, from the beginning.

"So when we were filming, it never really crossed my mind that they had a special connection or anything like that. Looking back, maybe there was some attraction there. I didn't know that he was her type -- but I guess he is," Molly said.

"So, I don't know. I can't really speak on that."

Kevin then asked Molly to watch a clip of Jessica telling Molly during a counseling session that she tended to "sugarcoat" things in her relationship with Jonathan.

"You talk about things as if they didn't happen in that way... I understand you don't like my honesty, but I don't like your lies," Jessica told Molly in the Married at First Sight clip from Season 6.


"I think it was just a really sad and kind of frustrating moment for me because, as a counselor, you're supposed to be generally pretty unbiased and neutral and kind of listen to both sides," Molly explained.

"And in the moment, I felt like she was pretty much saying, 'You're wrong, he's right. I believe him. I don't believe you. Cut the crap.' And I was, like, shocked to hear that from someone who is supposed to be guiding us and listening to both sides and contributing advice. I just hadn't seen that side of her, I guess, so it truly just shocked me."

Kevin asked Molly how she feels now, knowing that Jonathan and Jessica became romantically involved after the experiment.

"Honestly, I think it makes me feel a little less sad about that moment, maybe because it's a way to justify why she would respond to me like that or why she would take his side," Molly explained.

"I had always felt like Jessica didn't like me from the beginning. I don't know what it was. I just always felt there was this bias to back up Jon. She thought Jon was amazing and was like, 'Why can't this girl see it?!' And I think that gives me a little peace, to think that that was the reason why she didn't like me."

Kevin followed that up with a question on whether Molly has any negative feelings or resentment to Jonathan and/or Jessica at this point.

"At this point, absolutely not. I think right after, I was a little bit hurt," Molly revealed.

"I think now that I've had an opportunity to talk to both of them, I've kind of moved on from the situation. It's been two years at this point; they're happy together. They wish me well, from what they've said, so there's just no reason to hold onto that negativity."

Molly, however, said she's "not sure how long they were together before they got engaged," so it was hard to answer whether she was surprised by Jonathan and Jessica's engagement.


But considering Jon married a total stranger, Molly joked it's not a surprise he didn't wait long to pop the question to someone else.

"I think people have this misconception that, like, 'Oh, Molly sucks. They hate her. She hates them for being together,' and it's just not like that. That's the reason I have not commented publicly ever on this, is because I'm truly happy for them and there is really no bad blood," Molly said.

Jamie and Doug

Jamie said their marriage is "doing good" and she's currently expecting their second child.

"Before marriage is a blur to me right now. My best memories have been since I met this stranger," Doug gushed about his wife. "Honestly, it was life-changing."

When the pair got married, Doug was blown away by Jamie's beauty, but Jamie said she didn't find Doug attractive at all. After exchanging vows, she even found a corner and fell to the ground, sobbing into her veil.

Doug admitted he didn't know Jamie was so upset behind the scenes and it stung a little, but Jamie clarified she was just terrified and worried about not having butterflies right off the bat.

Jamie said Doug didn't take her feelings personally.

When the couple was buying a house and Jamie was pregnant with their first child, Doug said he lost his job and when "it rains it pours." Doug said it was one thing after the next and he Jamie weren't connecting and then he fell into a depression.

"We were strongly drifting apart," Doug said.

Jamie even admitted she once considered leaving Doug and was seeing a therapist. Jamie asked Doug to attend couples' counseling with her, and she said he also missed a few appointments.


"It was a really tough time in our relationship and I wasn't sure what was going to happen, because I was working my butt off and I didn't see he was putting forth the same effort. That was really scary to me," Jamie said.

Jamie shared that Henley Grace saved her marriage because Doug suddenly changed overnight.

Jamie explained "the level of maturity that happened overnight" was incredible, and Doug agreed they probably wouldn't be together today without their daughter.

Jamie and Doug recalled going through multiple miscarriages and then trying for 18 months before getting pregnant with their son on the way. The couple said Henley is "not quite getting" she has a brother coming and she's the center of their world right now.

"I don't want to have her feel neglected," Doug confessed.

Jamie also revealed she has discovered who her biological father is through a DNA test.

"The match came back with this woman, and it was a really strong match. So I reached out to her and she was nothing but very, very loving and welcoming to me. I was really skeptical... [so] we went through a third-party lab because I really wanted to double check this could potentially truly be my father's side," Jamie shared.

"And it was. But the unfortunate part -- and why I wasn't able to check with his DNA -- was because he had passed just two months before I reached out to that woman, my aunt."

Doug said he's proud of his wife for having pursued her family roots, and Jamie said she has since learned a lot about her father's side of the family, who are apparently wonderful. Jamie's father Frank also owned a restaurant and catering business, and so she noted they share an entrepreneurial spirit.

Elizabeth and Jamie

Elizabeth gushed about how "life is great" and they're in "a way better place" than they were a year ago.

Jamie explained they fought often because they're both passionate people and didn't know how to channel their passion. However, they've learned how to build a relationship, and Elizabeth also pointed out they both needed to change in order to work as a couple because they were previously selfish.

"It has been a really big year," Elizabeth said, before confirming she and Jamie moved to California. "It's awesome."


The couple broke up and got back together after the show, and Elizabeth said she and Jamie just needed to re-center themselves at one point before being a couple.

At one point, Elizabeth returned to North Carolina and found her peace.

"It made me realize I need Jamie in my life," Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth and Jamie have worked on not having "basic Caucasian sex," which Elizabeth explained is missionary style, for example, or a man not caring if the woman finishes. Jamie disclosed they've introduced toys in the bedroom and are working on foreplay as well.

Elizabeth said this is the happiest she and Jamie have been in their marriage, as they're able to laugh things off and not take things so seriously anymore.

When asked whether children are in their future, Elizabeth revealed the couple has had conversations but they would have "one and done."

Amber and Matt

Amber and Matt hadn't spoken to each other in seven months prior to this appearance.

When asked how it felt to be sitting next to his or her former spouse, Amber and Matt both responded with silence, which Kevin joked had answered his question.

Matt said they had both "moved on from what they went through" on Married at First Sight.

"Knowing what you know now, what would you tell that girl?" Kevin asked Amber.

"Don't be naive," Amber replied. "Just believing things that he said -- that he was not going to leave, that he was going to stay, he was in this for the right reasons, he had good intentions. Old Amber really believed that."

Kevin asked Matt what he would've done differently looking back, and Matt responded, "I would've been honest from the beginning and said that I just really wasn't into it. I would've walked away earlier."

Matt insisted he's not the type of person to treat someone the way he had.


Amber said she has run into Matt at Hornets basketball games sometimes but they didn't even look at each other. Matt claimed he never saw Amber there, but she pointed out, "Yes you have. I flipped you off the last time I saw you."

Kevin asked Amber if she would've liked to stop and talk to Matt, and she insisted, "Oh God, no, we hate each other."

"No," she reiterated. "We don't like each other."

Kevin asked Matt if that was true, and Matt simply shrugged his shoulders, suggesting that was the case. Amber also spoke up again and insisted, "Yes... this is the most contact we should have."

Amber then confessed she's still "resentful" of her time Matt had "wasted."

Matt noted he doesn't resent Amber and has gone back to playing basketball and dating. In fact, Matt shared there is a special woman in his life.

"There actually is, to be honest. We're able to move at a comfortable pace and taking it slow, like not marrying her at first sight," Matt explained with a laugh.

Amber then shared she has "met the perfect person."

"Honestly, he's the kindest, most patient person I've met, and I needed this process to push me into maturing and growing to the point where I can be in this relationship," Amber said.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Click here for more news about Amber's new boyfriend!

However, Amber confirmed she and Matt are "not divorced" yet, or "even separated."

"We're not separated legally," Amber said, before telling Matt she had sent him "three papers" in attempt to get separated and never got them returned.

Matt claimed he hasn't been in the United States, but Amber argued she had seen Matt around in the last several months.

With that being said, Amber said she brought papers with her for Matt to sign so they can finally get divorced. Amber threw her arms up with excitement and joy.

Kevin asked Matt if he'd sign the notary on the spot, but Matt said he'd definitely want his lawyer to look over the paperwork first. Matt noted he wasn't going to sign something without reading through it.


"It's literally saying, 'I don't want anything from you; I just want a divorce.' That's all it says. I sent it three times," Amber insisted.

"Trust me, I'm not, like, waiting to sign them," Matt said. 

"I know you don't want to be married, Matt. You're just inconveniencing me so hard!" Amber claimed.

Matt apologized for that, and then Amber noted she needed to move forward -- and remaining married to Matt wasn't helping her do that. Matt said he'd handle the papers "as soon as possible" and has "no hesitation" to make his split from Amber official.

Kevin asked production to bring the notary out, but Matt refused to sign anything on national television, on a television show. Matt said he'd handle this with his lawyer in a professional manner.

"There's a right and there's a wrong way to do things," Matt said. "I want to do the right thing legally. I'm not going to sit here and do this sh-t on a reality TV show right now. Sorry."

Amber snapped at Matt for trying to have the power and hold it over her head.

"Just let me move on with my life!" Amber urged. "That's all I want."

Amber said she had contacted and texted Matt multiple times in attempt to get him to sign the paperwork. Amber said she also sent the papers to the mailing address he had provided for her, but she had yet to receive them back. Amber reminded Matt she had sent the papers three times.

"I'm not trying to be professional; I'm trying to get divorced," Amber said.

"There's no professionality here. We ditched that a long time ago when everything went down on the show, Matt. So I'm not professional. No, I'm not. We have no cordiality. I'm not friends with you, so I want a f-cking divorce now."

Matt responded by saying that's exactly why he wasn't going to sign anything on the spot.

Amber called Matt out on "bullsh-t" and mocked him, saying he was a big, powerful man.

Matt claimed Amber didn't know him at all, and she agreed. Amber then stormed off the set and yelled, "He's stupid! He's an ignorant liar!"

Matt then walked up and left the interview as well, and he insisted to Kevin he was going to get divorced as soon as possible.

"I'm going to go kick it with an IG model. Holla!" Matt shouted while walking off the set.

Married at First Sight revealed Matt has yet to sign the divorce papers to this day.

Sam Role

Sam said she's been living her life and just working. Watching the season back, Sam said she was "disgusted" by her own behavior and what she saw and heard, insisting in tears, "I'm not that person anymore."

Sam said had she not been matched to marry Neil Bowlus, she wouldn't be the person she is today.

Sam gushed about being "so grateful" to have a person like Neil in her life, who checked in via video chat to tell Sam he's still her biggest supporter and wishes her the very best.


"Did the experts find the right guy for you?" Kevin asked Sam.

"Oh, absolutely," she replied. "Unfortunately, I had to lose him to realize why my previous relationships were a failure and learn from that, and because of him, I am not able to have a successful relationship with my husband whom I love and who has given me the best thing in  life, my daughter."

A few months into Sam's relationship with her now husband, he proposed, and then a little bit later, Sam found out she was pregnant. Now, they are proud parents in Florida of a daughter, Isabella, who is about to be 18 months old.

Sam noted Married at First Sight had changed her for the better, and she's clearly a huge advocate for the franchise.

Danielle and Bobby

The couple is still married and doing well, and Danielle said they've settled into normal, married life. Danielle said it feels like a really long time ago that they got married.

The couple got pregnant about a month after the experiment ended.

Danielle insisted on her season she never wanted to be a stay-at-home mom, but she admitted her mindset changed once she and Bobby welcomed their first child, Olivia, into the world.

Danielle is, in fact, now a stay-at-home mom with their daughter, and she said she's happy with that decision and wouldn't trade it for the world, "for sure."

The show then aired never-before-seen footage of Bobby nervous and stressed out around the time Danielle was expected to go into labor. One night, Bobby woke up to Danielle violently throwing up, saying she was shaking and it was just "chaos" in their home.

Bobby said she and Danielle therefore rushed to the hospital, and Danielle was admitted to the emergency room with severe preeclampsia. Danielle was diagnosed with HELLP Syndrome, a life-threatening pregnancy complication in which the liver begins to fail, platelets drop, blood stops clotting and then blood pressure spikes.

Danielle faced a high risk of seizure or maybe even a stroke, and so she said the fear of potentially not being able to care for her daughter was the hardest part.

Danielle remembered her catheter kept filling up with blood, and Bobby kept asking questions, like, "Am I going to get to go home with both of them?" to which he received generic answers from doctors that didn't reassure him.

Bobby said a blood transfusion had been ordered for Danielle and he overheard a nurse say they were hoping for the best but preparing for the worst. Bobby said Danielle's parents were also freaking out.

But Danielle went into labor and delivered her baby at six pounds and two ounces. Danielle couldn't believe she and Bobby had a baby as they were celebrating their one-year anniversary, and she gushed she was so grateful for her new life.

"She's been running us around ever since," Danielle joked of Olivia.

"Afterward, when I could really process it, the doctor had come in and she had said, 'We're so happy that things worked out. It was pretty serious. If you had waited another three or four hours, neither of you guys would have made it."

Bobby told his wife that had something happened to her, he would've named Olivia after her mother, Danielle.


"I would've been in a position where I'd be losing my best friend," Bobby said, as Danielle was in tears. "Even just watching her with Olivia, there's no way I could single parent."

As far as Danielle's health goes today, she and Bobby have gotten the okay to have more children. They said they both want to have more kids because the positives they've experienced totally outweigh the negative.

Cortney Hendrix

She moved back to North Carolina following her split from Jason Carrion and is currently living in Raleigh with her adorable dog. Cortney then introduced her boyfriend Sherm.

"I hope that in the next year, we see marriage and babies," Cortney revealed.

"That's the plan," Sherm agreed.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Cortney has gotten engaged to Sherm since they filmed their update for the special. Click here for more information!

Tristan Thompson

Tristan said after Married at First Sight he learned there was some things he "needed to fix," and most of those things "were within."

He also introduced MAFS viewers to his new fiancee Rachel White, who he is set to marry this summer.

EDITOR'S NOTE: Tristan and Rachel got engaged last June, only a month after they went Facebook official and six months after they first met. Click here for more news about their relationship and their July wedding plans!

Stephanie and AJ

The couple has traveled the world together, and Stephanie said, "Married life has treated us well. We're navigating through the standard marital ups and downs, but a lot more ups than downs."

Nate Duhon

Nate is still in Chicago and he's dating someone right now.

"Girl, you hold me down. I love you," Nate told the woman when looking into his camera.

Jaclyn Schwartzberg

Jaclyn moved to Phoenix, AZ, where she's closer to family after her marriage to Ryan Buckley didn't work out.

"And I met my future husband," Jaclyn said, before flashing her diamond engagement ring. "There's just no better feeling than love and I'm very thankful to have found it again."

EDITOR'S NOTE: Jaclyn and her new fiance Dane got engaged in May 2019. Click here to read more about it.

Danielle DeGroot

Danielle, who married Cody Knapek on the show but divorced him about a year into their marriage, is a yoga instructor now and leads yoga retreats around the world, which has been a dream come true for her.

"Since the show, I am single, and I am happy. I am happy to wait to meet the right person," Danielle said.

Kristine and Keith

Kristine said life has been "pretty awesome" and normal and they've bought a house together and "can't wait to see what's next."

Tom Wilson

Tom, who wed Lillian Vilchez on the show but got divorced more than a year into their marriage, is married to his wife Michelle, who have been together for three years. The pair got married in August 2019 and Tom became a stepfather.

Lillian Vilchez

Lillian moved to Charlotte, NC, and is now the manager of an apartment complex. She joked she is married to her job and the only man in her life right now is her cat, Mr. Zeus.

David Norton

David, who married and divorced Ashley Doherty on the show and later failed to find love on Married at First Sight: Second Chances, revealed he is currently dating a woman.

Tres and Neil

Neil is dating someone new and Tres, who had a painful split from his MAFS wife Vanessa Nelson, said his relationship status "is complicated."


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