Married at First Sight's Season 7 premiere featured six Dallas-based individuals marrying complete strangers.

The six participants who agreed to wed at first sight were Amber Martorana, a 36-year-old division order analyst; Bobby Dodd, a 27-year-old project manager; Danielle Bergman, a 30-year-old account executive; Dave Flaherty, a 37-year-old senior portfolio manager;  Mia Bally, a 29-year-old airline recruiter; and Tristan Thompson, a 29-year-old former collegiate and semi-pro basketball player who recently started a tutoring center business.


The panel of experts -- psychologist Dr. Jessica Griffin, sociologist Dr. Pepper Schwartz and marriage counselor, Pastor Calvin Roberson -- paired Amber with Dave, Danielle with Bobby, and Mia with Tristan.

The premiere featured each individual shopping for ceremony attire and rings, before celebrating their respective bachelorette or bachelor parties.

It then became time for each couple's wedding day, and the participants were experiencing a wide range of emotions prior to meeting their spouses -- excitement, nervousness, panic and doubt.

"This could be the biggest mistake of my life or the best decision I've ever made. I'm putting myself out there and hoping for the best," Bobby noted.

"I'm a wreck inside," said Mia, who prayed before walking down the aisle. "I kind of feel sick."

Over the course of this season, the three compatible couples will honeymoon, move in together and go through the daily struggles of life together. 

After eight weeks together, each couple must make a decision: do they remain together or decide to divorce?


Below is what happened for each Married at First Sight couple in the debut episode:

Amber and Dave
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Amber is an analyst in the oil and gas industry who likes to go to the gym and relax. While she loves cats, she never wanted to be the single "cat lady."

Amber wanted to get married so she could welcome a baby soon.

Dave works in finance and has a daily routine, which includes playing basketball and cooking healthy dishes. Dave also entered the process wanting to start a family soon.

Amber and Dave were matched because they have similar lifestyle and lifetime goals, and they both have success in their careers and want structure.

Amber bought a strapless ballgown for her wedding day, and got a little too drunk at her bachelorette party. But Amber was thrilled about the idea of having a husband.

When Amber walked down the aisle, Dave said she looked beautiful and has big eyes. She, in turn, found him attractive -- "tall and handsome, with pretty blue eyes" -- as well as "sweet and kind."

The pair exchanged their own vows at the altar, expressing promises to be open, vulnerable, patient, and supportive of each other.

Amber and Dave shared a kiss at the end of the ceremony to officially become man and wife, and it was a surreal experience for them both.

Amber and Dave immediately bonded after their ceremony over going to the gym. They discovered they actually go to the same gym, but that worried Amber because she had dated a jerk at that particular establishment.

On the wedding night, both Amber and Dave really wanted to have sex with each other. They were feeling a lot of chemistry and it felt natural for them both.


Danielle and Bobby

Danielle is in software sales and loves fostering and taking care of dogs. She has traveled the world and is ready to settle down and start a family.

Bobby is a southern gentleman who enjoys hunting and spending time with his family. He's the only one in his family left to get married, and he's ready to find love.

Danielle wanted a southern gentleman who loves dogs and is professionally oriented, and Dr. Pepper said Bobby is every single one of those things. Bobby, in turn, wanted to find someone who would fit in with his family and want children soon.

Danielle revealed she has a different value system from her liberal family and hoped her parents would still attend her wedding. Bobby's family, however, seemed completely supportive and onboard.

Danielle picked a strapless, trumpet-style gown with a sweetheart neckline for her wedding day.

While ring shopping, Danielle worried her fiance has "baby hands" because his ring size was only a 6 when the other two men were sized 10 and 11.

On her wedding day, Danielle's parents were able to make it, and that meant the world to her.

When Danielle walked down the aisle, Bobby said he was "beyond" happy because he found her to be "gorgeous," not to mention she has an amazing figure.

Bobby hoped Danielle would like him as much as he liked her right off the bat.

As for Danielle, she thought Bobby was "so cute," and she felt relief upon seeing him for the first time. The couple's vows were similar, as they promised to care about each other as much as they adore their dogs.

"I got my southern gentleman. I'm very, very happy," Danielle said.

On the night of their wedding, both Danielle and Bobby were onboard with the idea of consummating their marriage, but they wanted the union to happen naturally.


Mia and Tristan

Mia is an airline recruiter who appreciates different cultures and enjoys Bible study. Her family was shocked about her Married at First Sight participation, but she really wanted to find a companion.

Tristan is a former professional basketball player who now owns tutoring franchises to prepare teens for college.

Tristan has always lived "outside of the box," and he's excited to have a wife and treat her like a queen.

Dr. Pepper believed Mia and Tristan would be "delighted with each other physically," and would bond over their faith and core values.

For her wedding day, Mia chose a conservative, form-fitting lace dress.

Her sister Deidre, however, was upset about Mia's decision to tie the knot with a stranger. Deidre supported her sister but feared Mia would "get [her] heart broken again" and be crushed.

When Mia met Danielle and Amber, the other girls acknowledged Mia was going to be the most guarded, cautious and reserved wife during this experiment.

For example, Mia admitted she didn't want to kiss her husband on her wedding day and she hoped a pat on the back would suffice.

On their wedding day, Mia and Tristan met at the altar, and they both told each other they were "beautiful." They felt relieved over their similar faith and laughed over a shared sweet tooth and love of the Dallas Cowboys.

Mia and Tristan exchanged personal vows, and their heartfelt words made many family members cry. But when it became time to kiss, Mia and Tristan hugged it out, but he managed to sneak in a quick kiss on the cheek.

Mia gushed about how she'd make "super cute babies" with Tristan. She thought he was tall and had beautiful eyes, and Mia said he was "like a dream" so far.

Although Mia was crazy about Tristan, she wasn't relaxed or comfortable around him. Tristan hoped that would change in the near future because his wife is "gorgeous" and he's obviously attracted to her.

That night, Mia and Tristan just went to bed, with no expectations of having sex.

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