Married at First Sight: San Diego Reunion Part 2 featured Justin claiming Alexis didn't go on the show for love and Nate has "short man syndrome," Alexis complaining her marriage was a mother and child dynamic, and the experts expressing guilt for having matched Krysten with Mitch Silverstein during Wednesday night's episode on Lifetime.

The four San-Diego based couples who made it to the Married at First Sight finale were Lindy Elloway, a 29-year-old doctor of physical therapy, and Miguel Santiago, a 35-year-old associate medical director; Krysten, a 32-year-old sales representative, and Mitch, a 41-year-old environmental policy advocate; Alexis, a 29-year-old logistics specialist, and Justin, a 33-year-old digital marketing specialist; and Stacia Karcher, a 37-year-old accountant, and Nate Barnes, a 34-year-old day trader.

On Decision Day, three couples chose to stay married, but Mitch and Krysten decided to get a divorce. However, Alexis broke up with Justin days later.


As for Morgan Bell, a 27-year-old registered nurse, and Binh Trinh, a 29-year-old engineer, they chose to divorce weeks before Decision Day filmed.

The two-part reunion special, hosted by Kevin Frazier, featured all five couples reuniting five months after Decision Day, long after the cameras went away. Show experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz also made an appearance to weigh in on the aftermath of the season.

Each couple provided a relationship update, and the cast members discussed how much has changed.

The eight-week experiment was clearly a learning experience for all, and the cast agreed they all have things they need to work on. Miguel, for example, realized he's hard-headed and stubborn, and Justin admitted he needs to grow a tougher, thicker skin.

Below is what happened on Part 2 of the dramatic Season 15 reunion.


Justin claimed Alexis showed up drunk at his apartment one night after the club, but Alexis denied it.

Justin said Alexis "can't be truthful" and she was trying to gaslight him and manipulate the truth, but Alexis said Justin was just being emotional. Alexis said Justin was making it sound like she just wanted some late-night action and that wasn't the context.

"I don't think she was here for love. I don't think she was really here to find love," Justin announced.

Alexis said she wasn't attracted to Justin initially and got past so many things, one after the next -- including Justin's sensitivity -- in attempt to be a good wife, but Justin claimed Alexis was just performing for the cameras so that she would look good to viewers.
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When asked if there's hope for friendship down the road, Alexis responded, "No, not after today."

Justin's brother Donnell appeared on the reunion show and said he didn't think Justin was fully prepared for the challenges marriage would bring. Alexis' sister Amber revealed how Justin was hot-headed and good with his words.

"I think we're just two passionate people and we show that in two different ways... although we're communicating, it's not a communication style that works best for one another," Alexis explained.

Donnell said he wasn't impressed by his brother's decision to get rid of his dog Maya, mainly because Justin would end up growing resentment towards Alexis for having to lose a pet he loved. Justin admitted he became resentful but really believed in the marriage.

"I feel like she gave up after the dog situation because the trust never came back," Justin revealed.

Alexis said it wasn't the incident that bothered her; it was the fact Maya had several other incidents of aggression and misbehavior in her past that Justin never informed her about.

When asked where Maya is today, Justin revealed they're back together in San Diego.

Justin said he learned a lot about himself in the experiment, and Alexis is apparently living in a new loft apartment and having a great time. Neither individual was dating again yet when the reunion filmed, but Alexis suggested her DMs were overflowing.


Alexis said she'd be willing to talk to Justin again but it hurt her when he had attacked her character, and so Justin apologized for that.

Alexis acknowledged how she and Justin were just in. "A vicious" cycle of fighting and making up.


Krysten said they have a group chat and all keep in touch, and Alexis and Krysten apparently talk every single day and "trauma bond."

Alexis said it was extremely hard to watch Morgan and Binh's relationship fall apart and she felt guilty and to blame at times for having told Morgan about Justin and Binh's Speakerphone conversations.

Alexis said she ultimately just told the truth and so she can't regret her actions, and Morgan said she's so glad Alexis had come to her with that information.

Krysten admitted she had "a few" regrets from the experiment, but Lindy told her pal that she's such a strong and impressive woman. Lindy apparently wasn't happy with Mitch at all, and Stacia confessed that Mitch was on her "sh-t list" since Day 1.

"Every time I greeted him, I called him a b-tch," Stacia disclosed, adding how Mitch had "absolutely" earned that nickname.

Morgan said Mitch had put Krysten "through hell and back" when he brought little to nothing to the marriage. Krysten said she tried everything she could, emotionally and physically, but it was "a very one-sided marriage."

Kevin pointed out how Krysten got the dream ring but not the dream man.

Lindy said it was hard to watch back her "rock bottom" moments, especially her breaking point when she cursed and vented to a friend about how Miguel had been controlling her and sucking joy from her soul.

Lindy wished she could take those things back, insisting Miguel had never controlled her but she struggled internally with "what if?"

Alexis shared how Stacia and Nate's love story was beautiful to watch, including how the cast got to witness how much Nate had grown since his wild bachelor party.

Stacia said she'd be open to maybe getting a dog next year with Nate.

Krysten recalled how Justin could never put a pin in something when he was upset and move on from an argument when the cast was together for a dinner or event.

"I felt like I was maternal. It wasn't the dynamics of a husband and wife; it was a mother and child sometimes. I felt like I always had to be strong. There was never a time for Alexis to have that vulnerability and share her feelings," Alexis admitted.

Morgan said she wouldn't be able to handle an overly emotional man and Alexis has the patience of a saint. Stacia said it's good when a man can articulate his emotions and be in touch with those emotions -- but Justin just "wasn't stable." Stacia suggested Alexis deserves more in a relationship.

Alexis said her attraction level to Justin depleted every time he cried, which was almost a daily occurrence. Alexis said she had to regulate and check both of their emotions all the time, which was an exhausting job.


Justin revealed he still hung out with everyone in the case except for Nate. Binh confirmed he and Justin were still cool after Justin apologized for his pillow talk with Alexis.

Binh had thought his conversations with Justin were private and held in confidence, but Justin would talk on Speakerphone and share all the details with Alexis, who ended up telling Morgan everything -- including Binh's complaints and concerns about his marriage.

Nate claimed Stacia didn't care about his behavior with an exotic dancer at his bachelor party and "she wasn't mad at all" when she watched the scene back on the show.

Miguel admitted he briefly thought Nate had an agenda -- maybe out of jealousy -- because Nate seemed to always say the right thing at the right time. Nate apologized for surface-level conversations at the start of the process but explained how he just tried to keep his eye on the prize.

Mitch and Miguel have Justin props for being able to express himself and being unafraid to get emotional. But Nate said Justin crying that much was "weird," which prompted Justin to snap that Nate has "short man syndrome."


Pastor Cal said you can never prepare someone for this process, but Dr. Pepper think they did pretty well with the matchmaking other than the early blunder that was Morgan and Binh.

Mitch and Binh joined the experts onstage first.

Mitch shared how he has a laundry list of things he had done wrong, including talking about Krysten's looks too much and how he prefers a woman in her natural state.

Mitch admitted he didn't fully understand what he was getting himself into and he was unable to play it cool at times. Mitch said he should've watched previous seasons of Married at First Sight.

Mitch said he lost touch with normal reality while filming the show, and Pastor Cal gave him permission to be normal.

And Pastor Cal said Binh has no issue with admitting he's wrong and falling on his own sword. But Pastor Cal advised Binh not to fall into despair and not to lose his own personal confidence.

Binh acknowledged he's been working on himself and it's hard for him to accept something that's not perfect. Pastor Cal therefore gave him permission to be imperfect.


Krysten said she felt really good and it was a unique experience to be married and now throw in the towel at the first sign of conflict. She also learned to stand up for herself more.

Pastor Cal and Pepper thought Mitch and Morgan were going to stay together, and Krysten confessed that they kissed in the car after Decision Day and simply "don't make sense." Krysten said they had a confusing dynamic during and shortly after the show.

Krysten said she was surprised about how Mitch had spoken about her and her family on their wedding day when she thought everything was a great success. Mitch, for instance, had said he wasn't blown away by Krysten's appearance, and she apparently found that footage "hurtful."

"I feel so bad for you. And I feel even more bad that we put you together," Pastor Cal told Krysten with a laugh.

"I think the problem is Mitch didn't get who his imaginary woman was," Pepper added.

Pastor Cal joked about how Krysten needed to be barefoot and wearing a burlap sack on her wedding day -- but that's not who she is. Pastor Cal believed Krysten would've only added to and enhanced Mitch's life.

Morgan admitted she's been working on being less reactive but she doesn't regret the fact she hadn't given Binh more grace. Morgan explained how Binh had betrayed her multiple times, but Pepper pointed out how they had married in very unusual circumstances and some people don't handle it well and need time and love to adapt.



Alexis and Justin had decided to stay married on Decision Day, but things blew up almost immediately. Given just didn't want to break up, Pastor Cal asked what the cause of the split was. Alexis said they're not compatible and she's just not Justin's person.

Alexis repeated how it was frustrating for her to constantly nurture Justin because he's so sensitive, and Justin got frustrated when she tried to take things lightly and would crack jokes.

"At a certain point, it takes away from who we are. I don't want to be in a marriage where I don't look like the same person I came in as," Alexis said. "[He] doesn't want to lose his heart and his sensitivity, and a part of me doesn't want to lose my spice... He genuinely asked me to not tell jokes anymore."

But Justin clarified how he had just asked Alexis not to roast him in public and on television. Regardless, Alexis said she loves hard but she kept hurting and so she had to leave the marriage.

Pastor Cal said people change in marriage because they're no longer single individuals and you just have to stay in the marriage long enough to see the "better" that could come from that.

Pastor Cal didn't think the couple gave their relationship enough time to see if it could work, and Alexis joked with the experts how they weren't going to be friends anymore.

Justin admitted he wasn't fully honest with Alexis in that he really never wanted to give his dog away because he wouldn't be truly happy without her. Justin actually lost trust in Alexis at that point and it damaged his commitment in terms of what else he'd do for his marriage.

Pepper explained how Alexis wanted Justin to be more of an alpha male and they reacted to each other rather than problem solved.

Pastor Cal accused Alexis of quitting and Justin of giving up because they basically emotionally threw up on each other. The experts said they thought Justin and Alexis could really work because they both have so much to offer.

Pastor Cal and Pepper said Justin would have to go hard in the paint in order to win Alexis back and prove to her that he could be a protector.


Mitch admitted being called "b-tch" constantly surprised him and hurt a little bit, and so Stacia apologized.

Kevin pointed out how Mitch got angry about the shirt joke on the men because he didn't like being told what to wear but he had tried to tell Krysten how to look by wearing less makeup and dressing down. Mitch said he understood the analogy but he'd never buy his wife things to wear in attempt to dress her.

Krysten thought Alexis and Justin tried their very best at the marriage. Alexis said she wanted two hours with her friends once a week -- and it didn't even need to be at the club -- but that was too much for Justin.

Justin said he thought every weekend was too much to ask for, but Alexis said she needed to breathe and wants to live her life. Alexis said Justin letting go of the reins a little bit could've helped their relationship.

Miguel and Stacia said they have no problem with their spouse hanging out with friends and there's a healthy and happy balance there for both couples.

On telling Morgan what Binh had shared with Justin over the phone, Alexis said she would've done things differently if she could go back in time because she saw Morgan hurting and wanted to help her but she didn't prioritize her husband in those moments.

Lindy then insisted she was ready to have sex when she and Miguel consummated their marriage. Stacia was doubtful Lindy was ready at the time because Lindy had said she wanted to develop an emotional connection first, which was only 24 or 48 hours before the couple had sex.

But Lindy said she's a grown woman who would've said "no" if she needed more time. Miguel also revealed that when things got hot and heavy that night, he pumped the brakes and double checked with Lindy if she really wanted to have sex.

Alexis then shared how she and Justin started to have sex on their honeymoon but Justin told her that she intimidated him. Alexis claimed they worked it out and consummated their marriage, but it was a touchy subject and so she and Justin agreed to disagree.

Alexis insisted she went on the show to get married, not for clout. She also said she didn't go out all the time without Justin because she had invited him multiple times. Nate said Justin had told him something different, and then Justin shut Nate down and asked him not to talk to him.

Justin apologized to Alexis for not taking her feelings into consideration. Justin said he's not perfect and he's working on that.

"You gotta work on the lies, bro," Nate snapped.

"Shut up, man," Justin clapped back. "God, you're like a kid!"

Stacia asked both men to stop going at it.

The reunion ended on a high note, however, with footage of the cast's happiest moments together.


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