Married at First Sight featured six strangers waking up next to each other for the first time and beginning their honeymoons during the third episode of the Lifetime reality series' sixth season on Tuesday night.

The six participants who agreed to marry at first sight are Jaclyn Schwartzberg, a 29-year-old teacher turned sales representative; Ryan Buckley, a 29-year-old firefighter; Molly Duff, a 25-year-old commercial insurance adjuster; Jonathan Francetic, a 28-year-old U.S. Army veteran and former financial associate; Shawniece Jackson, a 29-year-old entrepreneur and cosmetologist; and Jephte Pierre, a 26-year-old second grade teacher.

Matched by Married at First Sight experts Dr. Jessica Griffin, Dr. Pepper Schwartz, and Pastor Calvin Roberson, Jaclyn married Ryan, Molly walked down the aisle to Jonathan, and Shawniece became a wife to Jephte.

The episode began where last week's broadcast had left off, with the couples getting settled in their hotel rooms immediately after meeting each other for the first time and tying the knot.

Shawniece called her chemistry with Jephte "crazy" and was totally up for having sex with her husband, but Jephte didn't feel ready for that big step. Shawniece was prepared to jump in head first, but Jephte had trouble getting over the fact his wife was a complete stranger.


Meanwhile, Molly and Jonathan were really hitting it off. They had a playful banter and similar sense of humor.

"My husband and I are so closely matched on so many levels... I am so optimistic about this," Molly told the cameras, adding that her husband was very handsome and rugged. "I definitely want to have sex with my husband, but we just met each other."

As for Ryan and Jaclyn, he found her to be smart and beautiful, and she viewed her husband as a charismatic and outgoing individual. The spouses found qualities they loved in one another, and their dynamic was just very easygoing.

Jaclyn admitted to the cameras she was up for consummating her marriage as long as Ryan wanted the same, and Ryan was shown saying that having sex with his wife would be "amazing."


On Day 1 of the marriage, the spouses woke up to each other in the morning for the first time. Jephte and Jonathan revealed their wives looked equally as beautiful without makeup, and Jonathan went as far as to call his wife "dead sexy."

Jonathan felt that he and Molly were "like the same person" and he gushed about how experts had just "handed [him] someone perfect."
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Meanwhile, Ryan discovered that Jaclyn is a "bed hog" and steals the covers, while Jaclyn revealed Ryan talks in his sleep.

But those little quirks didn't both either person, and it was apparent the couple had sex on their first night as a married couple. In fact, they woke up with a condom on the floor.

As for Jephte and Shawniece, Jephte admitted with a laugh that his wife pees with the door open -- and he doesn't like it. Jephte also added his wife's name in his phone, but he listed her with a formal first name and last name.

"I risked everything for love... so it hurts me that Jephte isn't committed enough to put me in his phone as his wife," Shawniece said.


That morning, each couple received a basket with a letter attached, informing them they would be traveling to Jamaica for a romantic honeymoon. But first, the pairs met with their parents and in-laws for a brunch.

The three families discussed how the weddings went and enjoyed watching the new dynamic of the Married at First Sight couples. Overall, the families were very impressed by the experts' decisions. Molly and Jonathan, for example, were considered a "super match" by their loved ones. 

Ryan and Jaclyn's families could see potential for love to bloom, and Jephte opened up to Shawniece's family about how his brother had been sentenced to jail time. Shawniece's mother also disclosed how her brother had previously been murdered.

Jephte felt great that Shawniece's mother felt comfortable enough around him to share such an intimate detail, and he was glad to share personal details about his own life as well.

On Day 2 of the marriages, the couples traveled to Jamaica for their honeymoons. In a Married at First Sight first, all of the couples would be staying at the same Moon Palace resort so the participants could seek one another out for advice or support.


"During this honeymoon, I just hope that we connect and get to learn more about each other... Right now, I'm filling in the missing gaps... It's just about finding a balance in working with each other so we can become one unit," Shawniece said.

Jonathan joked about having sex with his wife on the plane, which she was not onboard with. And Jaclyn and Ryan soon realized they were great travel buddies.

Jephte and Shawniece, however, got off to a rough start, as their flight was delayed and then they missed their connection flight. Jephte, who was traveling out of the country for the first time, hoped this wasn't a bad omen or a sign of things to come. 

But Shawniece believes trials and tribulations can only make a couple stronger.

Once everyone got settled into their hotel rooms, Molly noted it was "the ultimate romantic setup times 10." Molly was hopeful the scenery could make her feelings for her husband grow.

But Jephte was reluctant to open up to his wife, with Shawniece telling the cameras, "We both want to be married so badly that we married a complete stranger, but he's not even acting like he wants to be on a first date with me."

"I'm not trying to be mean. It just takes me a while to open up to people. I'm committed to this marriage, but I still want to take it at the speed of any new relationship," Jephte explained.

Meanwhile, Jaclyn and Ryan found their connection to be very comfortable and natural. Not only did they discover they are both affectionate people, but Jaclyn also appreciated the fact her husband likes to cuddle and can light up a room.

As for Molly and Jonathan, the groom said in a confessional: "My wife is very sexy. The physical chemistry is definitely there. I think tonight might be the perfect time to have sex with Molly, I'm just hoping."