Married at First Sight featured Binh breaking Morgan's trust, Lindy Elloway fearing Miguel Santiago wasn't committed to her after they consummated their marriage, Miguel and Stacia Karcher questioning Nate Barnes' authenticity, and Alexis announcing that she loved Justin during the Season 15 broadcast that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The five brides from San Diego who were selected to wed on Season 15 of Married at First Sight were Lindy, a 29-year-old doctor of physical therapy; Krysten, a 32-year-old sales representative; Alexis, a 29-year-old logistics specialist; Stacia, a 37-year-old accountant; and Morgan, a 27-year-old registered nurse.

The five grooms starring on the new MAFS edition are Miguel, a 35-year-old associate medical director; Mitch, a 41-year-old environmental policy advocate; Justin, a 33-year-old digital marketing specialist; Nate, a 34-year-old day trader; and Binh, a 29-year-old engineer.


Married at First Sight experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz matched Lindy and Miguel, Krysten and Mitch, Alexis and Justin, Stacia and Nate, and Morgan and Binh.

After meeting at the altar, the show will feature pairs of strangers spending the next eight weeks embarking on a honeymoon, moving in together, and navigating the joys and struggles of daily life together.

And at the end of the experiment, Married at First Sight's five Season 15 couples will reach "Decision Day" and have to decide whether to remain married or decide to end their marriages and divorce.

The sixth episode of Married at First Sight's new season began on Day 5 of marriage for four of the couples: Nate and Stacia, Alexis and Justin, Krysten and Mitch, and Lindy and Miguel.

Morgan and Binh had only been married for a couple of days due to Binh's positive pre-wedding COVID-19 test. The couple was still getting to know each other.

The five men then gathered together for a tequila tasting while the women met up for cocktails on the beach. Krysten admitted her journey was going "a little different" but she didn't want to take light away from the other spouses.

Justin revealed to the guys how he and Alexis were walking around their hotel room naked and Alexis said she was ready to have sex whenever he felt comfortable.

Justin said he wanted one thing to lead to another organically, but the men didn't understand what was holding his back. Nate assumed Justin just wanted to go slow, and Justin shared how he's a sensitive man but Alexis seemed okay with it.

Alexis told the other brides, however, that Justin's sensitivity was "genuinely hard" for her and the experts had matched her with someone who is "opposite" of her.
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Alexis said it was a good thing in a way because she had to learn to consider his feelings, especially since he was always taking her feelings into account.

Alexis explained how she's not naturally wired to behave that way but she was trying to force herself to think differently, and Morgan pointed out how her husband was also sensitive.

Morgan opened up to the women about how Binh had been touchy-feely with her but they had yet to consummate their marriage. The group thought it would happen for them soon, especially since Morgan called her husband "hot" with a great body.

Lindy said things were progressing for her in the intimacy department with Miguel, announcing, "We're doing what married couples do -- on our honeymoon, yes!"

The girls said they never thought Lindy would be the first one of them to have sex, but Lindy noted how it was "natural" and "there was no pressure." She said the encounter was really nice, and Miguel told his friends how he had "made love" and had surprisingly "passionate" sex with Lindy.

"It was perfect," Miguel revealed. "I kind of felt one with the universe. I felt holy, if you will. I felt empowered by a divine being. It was nice and it was very special."


Nate announced how he and Stacia were vibing but not having sex. He pointed out how men mess things up and complicate things when they try to "get it in" too early in a relationship.

Miguel argued there's nothing more natural than feeling an attraction to his wife and acting on that, but Nate said the couples were lacking an understanding about each other at this stage in the game -- whether they have the same goals, lifestyles and such.

"I want a wife and I want to have a long-term relationship," Nate said.

"I don't know. I'm not buying it," Miguel told the cameras. "I think Nate is having sex but he's just not talking about it."

Meanwhile, Stacia told the women that she and Nate had taken a bath together and they were finding ways to be intimate and build up to having sex.

Krysten then shared how her relationship was "going" and she wanted everyone to remain "Team Mitch." Krysten said she was trying to be positive but Mitch had said he wasn't attracted to her.

Krysten, however, said that once she and Mitch drank alcohol together and had some fun, Mitch "pounced" on her in their hotel room "like a tiger."

The women reacted with surprise and disgust, but Krysten, on the verge of tears, reminded them to continue supporting Mitch because he's her husband.

Krysten said she and Mitch hadn't touched or kissed but then he found her confidence and the way she handled herself very attractive. Mitch therefore told Krysten that he "wanted to get down" and then she chose to flip the script on him.

"I said, 'I make the rules now, and it's not going to happen this way,'" Krysten recalled. "I am the captain now."

Alexis tried to maintain an open mind, but she said she'd no longer be supportive of Mitch if he disrespected Krysten.

Morgan and Binh were then shown going on their first dinner date in Mexico. Morgan told her husband that she felt potential with him, and Binh said they needed to find out what works for each other.

Morgan revealed how men had hurt her in the past with their words and it was important for him to know that she tends to take things to heart, especially when something malicious is said.

The next day, on Day 6 of marriage for most of the couples, Stacia surprised Nate with a picnic and champagne underneath a white tent.

The pair discovered they both hate bugs and enjoyed some laughs, and Stacia said she liked how Nate had said he wasn't intimidated by her. Stacia said her last relationship was long distance and she and the man ultimately grew apart.


Stacia said she needed to go to therapy after that relationship, and then she asked Nate if he'd be open to going to therapy with her to be proactive and have healthy communication. Nate assured Stacia that he'd be down for that and would do it, but Stacia hoped she was getting the real and authentic Nate.

"I'm not one that has fake people around me. I'm all about being accountable, transparent, and authentic," Stacia said in a confessional.

Nate told Stacia that he really liked her and wanted to become a power couple and make moves together.

That same day, Alexis and Justin talked about how they seemed to have a balanced lifestyle back at home. Justin said he could stay home with their three dogs and had no problem with Alexis making more money than him.

Justin said he'd like to have separate accounts as well as a joint account, and Alexis seemed fine with that. Justin then saved the day when a sailboat blew over and nearly crushed Alexis.

Meanwhile, Morgan and Binh went boogie boarding in the ocean, and Morgan promised the cameras that sex was "going to happen" soon.

Binh -- who is extremely family oriented and close with his mother -- asked Morgan for more clarity on her family dynamic given she hadn't even had a relationship with her father for several years. Binh was also concerned with Morgan's student-loan debt because he was trying to build and reach financial freedom.

Morgan accused Binh of being closed off to understanding her situation, and she asked him to trust her when she said she'd pay off the loans and they wouldn't weigh them down. Morgan said she didn't need Binh's money and would never tell him how to spend it or invest it and so he needed to be patient with her in this area.

Morgan acknowledged how she and Binh weren't in the same place in life, and when she asked her husband if he thought they weren't matched well, he didn't respond right away.

Morgan wanted Binh to see the good in her, and he promised that he did and he could tell they had a lot in common. Binh said he felt good vibes but had placed family and finances at the top of his list from the beginning when searching for a wife.

"Last night, she brought me aside and said, 'Don't tell anyone but I have one course left on my BSN, and to me that means Bachelor of Science of Nursing. And so in my mind, I'm like, 'Wait, so she's not a nurse yet? She told the experts something else than she actually is?' And I just wanted answers. I wanted clarity," Binh explained to the cameras.

Binh said he and Justin had a heart to heart about everything and he thinks Justin told Alexis. Morgan said Binh was acting like she had lied to him when she had explained the whole situation.

Morgan said her Bachelor's degree was for a pay raise and it wasn't her nursing program. She claimed she had been working as a nurse the entire time.

Morgan said she felt hurt because she had thought their conversation went well but it clearly wasn't good from Binh's end if he felt the need to talk about it with a friend.


"It blows my mind that I told him everything very openly and I apologized profusely for not being more truthful about having that last class left and yet here we are, Binh went behind my back and told Justin that I've been lying -- and that hurts," Morgan complained in a confessional.

Morgan told Binh that the one thing she wanted private was now out in the open. Binh apologized for overreacting and telling Justin about her business, and Morgan pointed out how trust is a huge thing to her.

"That broke my trust," Morgan cried. "Now I'm just frustrated... You should have come to me instead."

Morgan proceeded to vent to the cameras about how Binh isn't the person she thought he was and she felt very "disappointed." Binh's friends and family had told her that Binh would always have her back and put her first, but Morgan said, "That's not the Binh that I got! I'm pissed!"

Krysten then chatted with Alexis alone, and Krysten expressed her concern about how Mitch hadn't been in a serious relationship in a long time. She said Mitch's actions told her that he wanted her "on many different levels" and he was starting to talk about the future.

But Krysten felt she was walking on eggshells and asked, "How long can I dance on this lie?"

Alexis told Krysten that it was going to take some time to figure things out, and she pointed out how she had rejected Justin on a dating app four months before the show because he looked "skinny" and "too nice" for her.

Alexis therefore had hope Mitch would come around and learn how Krysten is an amazing woman.

On Day 7 of marriage, Binh explained to Justin how Morgan was frustrated with him for telling their business and thought he had stabbed her in the back, although it was "unintentional." Binh planned to build trust and prove to Morgan that he could be trustworthy.

Meanwhile, Morgan told Lindy and Stacia how she and Binh weren't in the same place financially and he seemed to be judging her for that and looking at her situation like it was negative.

Morgan said she wanted a man who would be proud of her and she wished Binh hadn't entered the process with such specific expectations.

Stacia and Lindy recognized it was going to be difficult for Binh to build trust again, and Morgan said Binh had clearly anticipated her being "a perfect person," which is impossible to attain. The girls hoped Morgan would feel seen and heard.

Stacia then asked Lindy if having sex was her decision, because she didn't want Lindy to feel pressured by Miguel. Stacia apparently went through something very difficult in a past sexual relationship that she didn't want Lindy to go through, but Lindy assured the women that she was in control and wanted the sex and it was a "beautiful" moment.

"I have been in situations where I felt like I had to have sex to keep my partner happy and I didn't know what would happen if I didn't do it, and so I didn't want Lindy to feel that," Stacia told the cameras.

Lindy said she had grown up with so much judgement and shame around sex that she needed her girlfriends to be supportive and accept that having sex was "amazing" and her decision. Lindy felt she and Miguel had connected to the point where intimacy naturally followed.

Lindy then voiced one of her worries to Stacia, revealing, "Miguel has questioned Nate's authenticity. Miguel thinks that Nate is not genuine. Nate is just so curated, I don't know."

Lindy admitted that it worried her how much Nate was on social media and cared about posting things for his followers. Lindy said she didn't know Nate behind closed doors, but Stacia confessed how she had questioned the same thing -- Nate's intentions and motive.

Later on, Lindy and Miguel went kayaking, and Lindy shared how she had nothing but respect and admiration for her husband. Lindy loved how the couple could be goofy with each other and have fun, but she admitted to Miguel how he could be very analytical and she was afraid she wouldn't check off all his boxes.

Lindy apparently felt pressure to make Miguel fall in love with her, which Miguel previously said is a challenge for him in relationships, but Miguel advised her to just be herself because he wasn't sure where he was at.

Miguel initially planned to give the experiment his all for eight weeks and then decide, and Lindy said she needed to protect herself and wasn't going to let her guard down if Miguel was possibly going to walk away from her in two months.

"Is this just an experiment for you or is this a real marriage that you want to try to last forever?" Lindy asked.

"I don't know," Miguel replied. "I want this to work and I'm going to try everything I can, but I don't know the person I'm marrying and so we shall see."

"To me, this is an actual -- I want a lifelong partner," Lindy said. "I don't want to freak you out, but that's why I got married."

Lindy was afraid to fall in love with someone and then be told by the man that he doesn't want her. Since she was getting along and connecting with Miguel so well, Lindy found their situation surprising.

The entire cast then gathered together for dinner and drinks, and they discussed moving in with their spouses after the honeymoon.

Nate announced how Stacia was building a home from scratch and had invited Nate to live with her there. Nate said it was a kind gesture that showed how Stacia was committed to their relationship.

Krysten said she was looking forward to sleeping in the same bed with Mitch every night but she always keeps busy with cooking and cleaning, and Mitch said that sounded great because he was looking for a busy, opinionated, strong and energetic woman.

Morgan declared how she couldn't take care of her husband because she works hard as a nurse. She didn't want Binh to expect food on the table, for instance, once she got home from a long day of work. The group therefore questioned how Binh was going to fit into that picture.

Alexis and Justin thought Morgan was making everything about herself and it sounded like she didn't even need Binh or a husband. The couple agreed Morgan wanted a roommate rather than a husband, but Morgan explained how she wanted a partner to ground her after work and bring her back to reality.

"You have to allow him to be there for you," Alexis told Morgan, adding how Morgan was saying "me, me, me" a lot in conversation.

Morgan insisted she's just a strong and independent woman, but Justin advised her to let go of her fears and let Binh into her life and heart.

Alexis thought Morgan wanted marriage on her own terms, and she asked the cameras, "Why are you even here?"

Alexis told the group how she'd be Justin's emotional support system and protect him at all costs.

Alexis acknowledged how she planned to be there emotionally, physically, spiritually and financially for Justin, explaining, "Anything you need, baby... I cater to my man. And when we're behind closed doors, I have a suitcase filled with lingerie!"

Alexis and Justin were wrapped in each other's arms, and Stacia yelled out, "You love it!"

"I do," Alexis announced. "I do love this man, I do."

Justin was shocked and asked Alexis to repeat what she had said, and the entire table cheered. Alexis said her eight weeks with Justin was only the beginning, and the revelation blew Miguel's mind because he said he didn't know if he had "more than eight weeks" in him.

Lindy said it was a painful reality for her but at least she didn't have to guess what Miguel was thinking and family. Justin feared Lindy was trying to please Miguel and not being true to what she wanted and needed. Justin thought Lindy was agreeing just to make Miguel happy.

Stacia then started to grill Miguel with questions and things got a little tense before a mariachi band interrupted them.

Miguel gushed about being saved by the bell, and Lindy assured Miguel above the noise how she wasn't worried about anything and had his back.

After the dinner, Binh asked Morgan if she had lingerie packed like Alexis, and Morgan playfully smiled and said, "Don't worry about it. I got you."

That night, Stacia asked her husband if he really liked her or just the idea of her. Stacia wondered if Nate wanted to dig deeper and go beneath the surface, and Nate assured his wife that he really wanted to get to know her.

Nate told the cameras that it sucked for Stacia to question his intentions because he hadn't shown her any red flags at that point. But Stacia apparently had insecurities about whether she's enough and able to satisfy her partner's needs.

"My feelings are growing for you every day. I'm falling in love with you, and it's real," Nate said. "I mean, come on, look at us! It's pretty simple for me. I did this with purpose, to find love and find a match and find a partner -- and I feel like that's you."

Stacia was surprised to hear Nate say that, because she wasn't sure if Nate really knew what he wanted. Stacia told the cameras how she came with "a lot" and Nate didn't know the depths of that. Stacia intended to challenge Nate, which may challenge his ego as well.

And Lindy asked Miguel to strap in because things were only going to get better for them. Lindy was confident their connection would keep growing and Miguel needed to give her more time after the eight weeks to prove it.

Meanwhile, Mitch asked Krysten not to pressure him to the point where he'd shut down, but he also told her not to give him a free pass all the time. Mitch was prepared to be held accountable, and Krysten said she wanted a husband who "wants" her.

Krysten was hoping to move forward in the physical department and cuddle with Mitch that night, and he seemed totally onboard.

Alexis was then shown telling Justin that he shouldn't always speak his mind with the other couples because they should just focus on themselves, but Justin spoke up about how he felt Binh got the "opposite" of what he wanted.

"He wasn't necessarily cheated, but he was -- not by the experts but by [Morgan] because she... wasn't being real. To see my friend hurt, it breaks my heart," Justin cried to his wife.

Alexis told Justin how he couldn't stop other people from hurting by hurting for them. Alexis said him hurting for Binh wasn't adding any value and he should never apologize for having such a big and kind heart.

Alexis told Justin how she truly loved him, and the couple sealed it with a kiss. She joked, however, that if Justin got too corny, she'd take it all back, and then Justin danced his way to the bed.

The next day, Binh expressed to the cameras how he needed to be more open and less judgmental, and Morgan said she and Binh cared deeply for each other and she could see themselves working out.

Lindy asked Miguel if he was going to judge her or resent her when she's not working because she had worked very hard to obtain that flexibility in her career. She said it was important to her that Miguel wouldn't try to control her actions and he'd need to be okay with her relaxing, going to the beach or whatever else.

Miguel said they shouldn't get too far ahead of themselves because he felt great about Lindy as his wife so far.

Lindy explained how that was a potential trigger for her and so Miguel should never "come at" her on her days off.

The episode concluded with Mitch and Krysten remaining optimistic about the future of their relationship. Mitch said a few days in paradise had done them well, and they planned to keep looking ahead.


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