Married at First Sight's finale featured one couple deciding to stay married and another couple opting to get a divorce.

Last week's episode featured Ashley Doherty and David Norton getting a divorce on Ashley's terms because David wanted to work through things and stay married.

Tuesday night's Married at First Sight episode showcased a similar storyline in which Sam Role and Neil Bowlus chose to end their marriage, but one person was absolutely not for it and left Decision Day heartbroken.

Leading up to Decision Day, Neil admitted he was on the fence because he and Sam had experienced so many ups and downs throughout this experiment, however, he also grew a lot. Neil was hung up on some "internal issues," but Sam explained to him that getting through those bumps can result in a solid, long-lasting marriage.

Sam didn't know what she wanted in a man until she met Neil. She truly liked him and said he had brought out the best in her. At the beginning of the journey, Sam was a bit mean and cold, but she took full responsibility for that. Neil told the cameras the experiment went as good as he had hoped.

Meanwhile, Vanessa Nelson felt anxious about Decision Day but thought being married to Tres was "a wonderful time." She hoped he wouldn't hurt her. On the other side of the coin, Tres explained he had no regrets, and although the experiment was stressful at times and it had been a long six weeks, it was a pleasure getting to know Vanessa and he just wanted both of them to be happy.

On Decision Day, Vanessa and Tres were up first. Vanessa said she wanted to stay married and then Tres acknowledged the same sentiment.

"I'm falling for her. Love is a very strong and powerful thing, and I think we can get through everything," Tres said in a confessional.

Sam and Neil were up next. Sam said she learned to communicate better. Sam started crying, saying they both put a lot of effort into the experiment and the positives outweighed the negatives. She told Neil that she cherished him as a person and husband and wanted to stay married. Sam feared Neil was going to ask for a divorce and she'd "deserve it."

Neil found it "remarkable" to see such changes in Sam, but he had a strong gut feeling something was missing from her and the decision was clear. Neil started out his answer by saying, "I am completely committed," making Sam believe for a second that he was going to agree they should stay married.

But then Neil added, "I want to get a divorce."

Sam ran off the set, away from Neil and the show experts, bawling her eyes out. She couldn't be consoled and didn't want to talk it out with anyone. Neil felt terrible and confessed it was a tough decision to make. Neil explained he was happy at moments, but it was overall a fairly unhappy journey and the first two weeks probably had an impact on his feelings.
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Neil was confident he had made the right decision for himself, as Sam cried outside on her hands and knees.

The episode concluded with the aftermath of Decision Day. David admitted he was "chasing someone who didn't want to get caught." Ashley said she needed someone she could relate to, communicate well with and trust. Ashley thought David just wanted to be married so badly that he didn't really care to whom.

Once Sam and Neil met at their house to gather their belongings, Sam was actually cool and collected, saying she was in a better place. Neil insisted he never intended to hurt her and that he really cared for her and would like to be friends. Sam was okay with that and proud of Neil for finally articulating his feelings well. She was also proud of herself.

Sam told Neil she deserved the pain and to be blindsided because it was probably the equivalent of what she had put him through for weeks. Neil didn't exactly argue that fact, and the pair seemed to end things on good terms.