Married at First Sight's Decision Day finale featured Airris Williams and Jasmine Secrest choosing to get divorced, Clint Webb and Gina Micheletti agreeing to split and part ways, Nicole Lilienthal and Chris Thielk deciding to stay married, and Shaquille Dillon leaving viewers on edge during the Season 16 episode that aired Wednesday night on Lifetime.

The remaining four Nashville-based couples on Married at First Sight for Season 16 are Airris and Jasmine, Nicole and Chris, Gina and Clint, and Kirsten Grimes and Shaquille Dillon.

Mackinley Gilbert and his match, Domynique Kloss, decided to get a divorce on Day 12 of the process and were not featured in the latest episode.


Married at First Sight experts Pastor Calvin Roberson and Dr. Pepper Schwartz matched the five couples for matrimony in Tennessee.

The show featured strangers meeting at the wedding altar and then spending the next eight weeks embarking on a honeymoon, moving in together, and navigating the joys and struggles of daily life together.

The Married at First Sight broadcast began one day before Decision Day, which was going to alter the spouses' lives forever. In order to better evaluate the last eight weeks of marriage, the couples were going to spend the last day alone.

Kirsten admitted she was in her head and doubting things, and Shaquille told his wife that he'd say "no" if his heart wasn't 100 percent in. Kirsten also wasn't feeling 100 percent about Shaquille or whether she wanted to stay married to him, and both individuals said they found the decision nerve-racking.

Kirsten said she had been vulnerable and let her walls down but she didn't know what the future was going to hold for them.

Meanwhile, before they parted ways, Nicole told Chris that she was nervous one of them was going to change their mind about the future aligning with how they felt in the present. Nicole said if they said "yes," they needed to do whatever it takes to make each other happy and feel loved.

Chris told the cameras the only reason he would say "no" on Decision Day is if Nicole continued to question their marriage and be insecure about herself and their relationship. He said he didn't want to put up with that for the rest of his life.

Chris didn't want to have to keep proving himself or convincing Nicole that he loved her and wanted to be with only her.

Before Airris left the apartment, Jasmine and Airris talked about how they had a lot of fun together and had built a solid foundation. Airris said a reason for saying "yes" on Decision Day would be how well they got along, especially because they knew many married couples who were "miserable."
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Jasmine also shared how she and Airris had intimacy in different ways, which made her think about different scenarios in regard to the future and what they could have together. Airris also said he trusted the experts' opinions, and the experts thought they had real potential.

For Gina and Clint's part, the pair knew they had endured highs and lows in the marriage, but Clint pointed out how "95 percent of it was good" and so he had to think about whether their relationship could grow.

When Clint left Gina in their apartment, he said goodbye to her dog Hank and asked for "minute by minute" updates on him.

The next day, Airris and Jasmine met with the experts first on Decision Day, when they would reveal whether they wanted to stay married or get a divorce.

In a voice narrative that played over footage of their relationship, Jasmine said Airris made her laugh but he had never been in love before and didn't want to have sex with her. She said if Airris truly invested himself in their relationship, they could probably have a happy long-lasting marriage.


Airris then said he admired Jasmine, a strong woman who never gave up on him when times got hard. The pair, however, lacked chemistry, and Airris struggled to connect and dig deep with Jasmine. While he appreciated and cared about Jasmine, he wasn't sure it was enough to continue with their marriage.

Airris said she had given the experiment one thousand percent and so she'd have no regrets.

Airris complimented Jasmine on her growth of speaking up and being able to open up and express herself more, and Jasmine said they communicated well and could hash out disagreements like mature adults.

"Even though it hasn't been ideal or kind of what I expected, I still believe marriage is what I want," Airris announced to the experts in front of Jasmine.

"It felt good to come home and have somebody waiting... Even the dog, as soon as I got home and turned the keys, I could hear Duchess coming toward the door. I love the fact we created a peaceful household. There was never any type of anxiety or drama... It was peaceful every day and there were flowers and it smelled good and I ate good."

As Airris spoke, Pastor Cal looked at Dr. Pepper and threw his hands into the air, clearly unsure of why this marriage wasn't thriving and wonderful.

But Jasmine said the big problem and hurdle in their marriage was the fact Airris didn't find himself attracted to her early in the process.

Jasmine said she knows she's beautiful and "a bad b-tch" but it takes "two people" to make a marriage work.

With that being said, Airris confessed that he could've put more effort into the marriage, especially in the first four weeks of the process. Had Airris worked harder and earlier, he acknowledged the couple probably would've moved past the physical attraction because he felt a connection blossom towards the end.

"I still believe there's a strong connection. When you're the best version of Jasmine, that's the most attractive, sexual and intimate part of you... so I didn't do a good job of changing the narrative," Airris explained.

It then became time reveal their decisions. Jasmine said she knew the wants and desires of her heart and what she had prayed for in a marriage.

Jasmine therefore told Airris, "I feel like in this marriage, that's not what we've come to. So for those reasons, I would want to get a divorce."

Airris agreed there was "a lot of good" in their marriage but they both needed more than that. Airris said he never imagined marriage being this way and he thought he'd be smitten and want more physical touch and intimacy.

"I'm glad I went through this with you, but ultimately, I would like a divorce as well," Airris noted.

Pastor Cal asked the couple if they discovered any dealbreakers from being married that they didn't have before, and Airris said it's self-love. Airris shared how he loves himself and he wants his partner to feel the same way about herself.

Jasmine, who seemed taken aback by the revelation, asked, "You don't think I love myself?"

Airris admitted Jasmine tended to shut down during the experiment and not show her true colors. Jasmine insisted she loved herself, and so Airris said they could "agree to disagree."


Airris didn't think Jasmine was insecure, but he said he wanted a wife who "loves the hell out of herself."

Jasmine then snapped at Airris for having "commitment issues." She said Airris was used to ghosting women and leaving relationships was his "norm."

"I just really feel like if it wasn't the attraction thing, it would've been something else," Jasmine vented.

"And I don't think he's in a place where he can fully commit to the marriage. I don't really think he was ready to be married. I don't think at any point in the process I truly got that effort from him."

After the couple's meeting with the experts, Airris said he simply thought a marriage could be better than what he had with Jasmine and he was looking forward to marital sex in the future.

As for Jasmine, she didn't regret doing the experiment, and she told the cameras that she was even more ready to be married than before and hopefully her Mr. Right would come find her.

Nicole and Chris' Decision Day was up next, and Nicole had fear in her heart.

In a voiceover, Nicole explained that Chris is hilarious and he's her "home" and "North star." She thought he was kind, genuine and attentive, but she said Chris needed to take better care of himself. Nicole wanted Chris to be more decisive and stop appeasing her constantly.

Heading into the meeting with the experts, Chris said he was in love with Nicole and he never expected his wife to be so full of personality and passion. He said he couldn't imagine his life without her but she needed to work on being less critical of herself and more confident in their bond.

"I need her to stop doubting us, because it makes me feel like she doesn't trust me -- and that makes me really sad," Chris explained. "That's a very valid concern."

When Nicole and Chris sat down with the experts, Chris admitted he felt lonely without Nicole, who also felt "so out of sorts" without her husband in bed next to her the previous evening.

Nicole gushed about how she and Chris were compatible even in the littlest ways, such as the cereal they liked. Nicole also said her temper and Chris' calm nature complemented each other and helped to balance each other out.

On the topic of Nicole's fear and self-doubt, however, Chris, expressed how he was tired of talking about the same thing over and over again without a resolution. He thought Nicole was way too hard on herself, and Nicole agreed that she could work on her confidence and faith in their relationship.

When asked if they'd like to stay married or get a divorce, Nicole told Chris, "You have made me happier than I've ever been in 33 years of life. You've allowed me to be my true self."

Nicole gushed about how Chris loved her and accepted her for who she is, flaws and all, and so she concluded, "I love you. I feel so confident in our relationship, and I feel very lucky every single day I'm with you. Thank you for being the most amazing husband, and when I think about my future... you are standing beside me in every one of those thoughts."


Nicole said she never wanted to navigate life without him and so she'd "love" to stay married to him.

In turn, Chris told Nicole that she made life fun and it would feel lonely and empty without her.

"I love you, fully, and I would love to stay married to you as well," Chris said, before the couple toasted to their "easy decision" and the next phase of their life together.

Chris then gave Nicole a beautiful bouquet of flowers.

Clint and Gina then faced Decision Day, and the experts thought the pair could be a benefit in each other's lives if they totaled what they did have together -- rather than what they were missing -- and could work on creating a spark. They didn't argue and they got along great.

In a voiceover, Clint explained how Gina is a beautiful women and a lot of men would be lucky to have her. He said she has a lot of admirable qualities, such as being motivated, but he didn't want to talk about business and work all the time.

Clint said comments made early on -- meaning Gina's "gingery features" remark and Clint's "slender" comparison -- created a hole the couple needed to crawl out of. Clint said he needed reciprocity in a relationship and Gina just wasn't giving him that.

"I know I wasn't perfect, and I know if we tried harder, we would have a much better marriage now. But would that be enough?" Clint wondered.

For her part, Gina shared how Clint is good looking but not her type. She was hoping the attraction would grow. While they had a lot of fun together and Clint was great with her dog Hank, she thought his "life of the party" personality could get a little annoying.

Gina noted how she and Clint had built a great friendship and Clint was a great guy, but she didn't know if that was going to be enough for her to want to stay married.

When Gina and Clint reunited in front of Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper, Gina insisted she was definitely ready to be married, and Clint agreed that he loved waking up next to somebody every morning. He said he had learned a lot and it was nice to smile and laugh with Gina for eight weeks.

Clint told the experts 95 percent of the things he and Gina had done together was a great experience, which shocked Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper given most long-term married couples don't even have that healthy of a dynamic.

Gina complimented Clint on being a great listener and a great friend, but she said they never got to a romantic level. Clint called Gina "a beautiful person," but he added, "We just can't get there."

When asked why Clint had felt a sexual connection in past relationships -- but not with Gina -- he explained how he's drawn to women with similar hobbies, such as going on adventures and enjoying the outdoors. Clint said he wasn't active at all throughout the process.

Gina, however, argued that she wasn't opposed to doing activities outdoors. Gina said had Clint planned dates for them, she would've happily joined him on excursions.

"Had any of you initiated any romantic interest... would you have responded?" Pastor Cal asked.

Gina said looking back, maybe things could've been different had Clint pursued her and pined after her. Gina said if Clint was super intentional and fought for her, it would be hard not to build some sort of attraction toward him. She admitted, however, she didn't communicate that to Clint and could've done a better job in that area.

Clint then announced his final decision, and he told Gina that while he'd do Married at First Sight again with Gina as his wife -- which appeared to surprise Gina and the experts -- he didn't feel like he's the husband that would be deserving of either of them.

"So I think it would be best to get a divorce," Clint concluded.

Gina shared how she was truly grateful for the time she had spent with Clint and she saw tremendous growth in him.

"I do know there are definite things I'm looking for in a marriage, and I know there are for you as well. So I would agree I think it's best for us to get a divorce," Gina said.

"I wish you would've fought just on the pretense of we already committed, even if it felt uncomfortable... in the beginning. [It would be] setting the tone and setting the foundation."

Clint agreed, saying it's easy to pick lottery numbers the next day. He advised Gina, in turn, to push herself out of her comfort zone at times and give things more of an opportunity.

Clint admitted he was going to miss Hank terribly, and he apparently offered Gina $10,000 to own her.

"I'll try whatever I can!" Clint revealed. "But I hope I remain in his life in some capacity, because I really do love that dog."

"I'm totally open to that," Gina responded, adding how she and Clint didn't feel any ill will towards each other.

Pastor Cal thought this was the most civil divorce they had ever experienced on Married at First Sight.

The episode concluded with Shaquille and Kirsten's Decision Day. Shaquille said he woke up in good spirits, and Kirsten noted the stakes were really high.

In her voiceover over footage of their eight-week romance, Kirsten confessed that she struggled with her attraction to Shaquille but it grew over time because of his character and how he's a big-hearted, intentional man.

Kirsten, however, said she felt "defeated" when they talked in circles and battled to get on the same page. Kirsten thought Shaquille only heard himself during arguments, and she said he needed to learn how to listen to her.

Meanwhile, Shaquille thought Kirsten was extremely beautiful at first sight but their romance was not smooth sailing, mainly because Kirsten wasn't attracted to him. Shaquille recalled Kirsten having walls up, and he said while he was capable of giving Kirsten everything she had asked for, he wasn't sure if it would ever be enough.

Shaquille wanted to see Kirsten relinquish some power in the relationship, and he also wanted her to support his educational endeavors. Shaquille said he and Kirsten needed to decide to either be all in or all out with each other.

When Shaquille and Kirsten gathered with the experts, Shaquille told the cameras he didn't even know what he was going to say.

When speaking with the experts, Kirsten pointed out how Shaquille was more emotional and sensitive than she tended to be, and Shaquille said while he liked Kirsten's independence and drive, she needed to let him lead more in their relationship.

Kirsten also voiced how she needed Shaquille to recognize that she fully supported him and wanted to be there for him, even though she had missed and "let him down" with that one trip to Memphis, TN.

Shaquille hoped he and Kirsten, if they chose to stay together, could fall in love and have an authentic love, but Kirsten pointed out how Shaquille needed to work on his communication skills.

Shaquille confessed to Kirsten that he sometimes "felt alone" in their marriage but he continued to show up for her.

Kirsten then revealed her decision, explaining how Shaquille had to juggle many things during the process, which took a toll on him and on their marriage.

"I know it has been a little bit difficult to become on one page, but you also became the husband who came home with the flowers and came home with the chocolate and checked on me. You've shown support, and taking all of that into consideration, I would say 'yes,' that I would love to continue this journey with you... and stay married," Kirsten announced.

Shaquille told Kirsten that he appreciated her for not giving up on him, and he mentioned how they had persevered through challenging times. He called Kirsten loving and kind, but then there was a "but."

"But it's been very difficult for me, as a man, to really just try to step up to be the man that you wanted me to be and you needed me to be -- to give you all of the charms that life has to offer," Shaquille began.

Kirsten, Pastor Cal and Dr. Pepper all looked nervous, and when Pastor Cal asked him to reveal his decision, the episode ended on a cliffhanger.


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