Married at First Sight alum Johnny Lam has revealed he's dating someone new and this woman could be wife potential.

Johnny married Bao Hoang on Married at First Sight's thirteenth season, which filmed in Houston and aired in late 2021, but their relationship didn't work out.

Bao asked Johnny for a divorce on "Decision Day" when he had been hoping to stay married.


During an appearance on the Married at First Sight: Decision Day Dish special that recently aired on Lifetime, Johnny shared how he's currently dating a woman right now.

"I am. I'm seeing someone now and it's kind of new," Johnny revealed. "It's been just a few months -- but kind of everything I've been looking for in one person."

He added, "I feel like I'm the happiest I've been in a super long time."

Johnny also revealed he recently went on an European adventure with fellow Married at First Sight Season 13 castmates Rachel Gordillo, Myrla Feria and Brett Layton.

"[Rachel and I] traveled to Europe together. We went to Paris, met Myrla up there, and then the two of us went and met Rachel and Brett in Santorini afterwards," Johnny said on Decision Day Dish.

Johnny -- who also hung out with two other unidentified women while in Santorini, based on his Instagram postings of his time there -- said something he's always wanted is "a travel partner" and he had asked the experts for that when signing up for Married at First Sight.

"And when things didn't turn out, I'm glad I found travel companions anyway," Johnny shared.

Johnny's Instagram posts suggest he was in Europe for more than six weeks this summer.

"Paris adventure begins! First time in Europe," he captioned a July 26 posting.
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Johnny's subsequent Instagram postings appear to show him attending a destination wedding in France on August 1 and then spending time in Paris with Myrla until four weeks later, when they traveled to Santorini.

"Wedding day in France! Congrats to Katrina & Loic," he captioned an August 1 gallery of wedding reception photos.

"Goodbye Paris, hello Santorini!," he captioned another August 29 posting.

Johnny then suggested he was in Santorini for about ten days before returning back to Paris for one night on September 9 on his way back to America.

"Back in Paris for one night before returning home, visited veggie heaven Polichinell," he captioned a September 9 posting.

Johnny made a total of 28 Instagram postings during the July 26 to September 9 period and all 28 posts seem to have been intended to leave his followers with the impression that he was chronicling an epic European trip that lasted more than six weeks in real-time.

However, Rachel and Myria's own Instagram postings suggest a much different and shorter timeline for the trip.

On August 12, Rachel posted a photo showing Myrla, Brett, Johnny, and herself walking an oceanside pier and captioned it with "#fbf #greece #santorini #summer #eurotrip #travel" hashtags -- suggesting Johnny was in Santorini much earlier than August 29.

And Myria's Instagram postings suggest the MAFS alums' trip to Santorini took place even earlier in 2022.

"I've been to Greece before and island hopped. Grateful I got to do this with our #mafs quad. One place I will definitely return too. All the islands are truly gorgeous. Take the trip y'all!," she captioned a June 22 posting showing her on a catamaran cruise. 

"#travel #greece #santorini #summer #liveyourlife #explorepage"

In addition, another June 17 posting Myria made also includes video of Myrla, Brett, Johnny, and Rachel walking on the same oceanside pier shown in Rachel's August 12 posting.

And a June 7 Instagram posting showing Myria posing in front of the Moulin Rouge cabaret in Paris appears to have been taken on the same day as an August 22 Instagram posting in which Johnny showed himself in front of the venue.

On June 11 -- more than six weeks before his "first time in Europe" Instagram post on July 26 -- Johnny also posted a video showing himself "behind the scenes of a Paris wedding photoshoot."

"Behind the scenes of a Paris wedding photoshoot with @soniaalexandriaphotography hope to share some photos soon!," he captioned the video.

Based on photos posted by the photographer Johnny tagged in his post, the destination wedding which Johnny suggested he attended in France on August 1 actually took place during the first week of June.

Johnny's odd Instagram behavior is particularly notable given he had repeatedly questioned Bao's authenticity and accused her of being fake or insincere while Married at First Sight's cameras were filming in an attempt to ensure she "looked good" and was well-liked by MAFS viewers.


On Married at First Sight 13, Johnny and Bao seemed like a perfect match at first, but Johnny started getting annoyed with Bao's supposed bad habits, such as her refusal to shower every night before bed and her tendency to overthink things and take life too seriously.

Meanwhile, Bao admitted she felt "judged" early on and never protected or safe with her husband. Bao recalled feeling very "anxious" while living with Johnny, from whom she said she had fundamental differences.

The pair found themselves bickering constantly until Bao determined they should get a divorce on Decision Day.

During the Season 13 reunion special, Johnny told Kevin that he didn't feel like he could speak his mind during his marriage.

"Early on, I made an agreement with my wife that we would talk about things off-camera first. Bao very early told me that she has social anxiety," Johnny explained.

He added, "There were so many times that I felt I couldn't speak freely because I had yet to consult with my wife. I felt like Bao had isolated me. I was drowning. I was going down this path where I felt I was eventually going to lose who I was as a person."

Bao volunteered how she didn't want to talk about their sex life with the world, knowing her family and friends would be watching.

Johnny claimed Bao had allegedly felt the need to present herself a certain way during filming in order to "look good." Johnny accused her of planning on-camera conversations and being fake or insincere for the sake of her reputation and being well-liked by viewers.

But Johnny said he wasn't convinced his relationship with Bao wouldn't work out in the long run, which is why he asked to stay married on Decision Day, even though they had slept apart for the last two weeks of the experiment.


Bao said that Johnny got "all of" her and he just didn't like what he got, and then Johnny added how he and Bao were missing chemistry and a feeling of "warmth" in his heart.

"It's never good enough," Bao recalled of her effort in the marriage. "I'm happier, now, honestly."

The pair said on the reunion how they had lost touch after the experiment, with Johnny revealing they didn't speak unless they got together with the Married at First Sight cast for certain events. Johnny also began dating other women at the time.

On the Married at First Sight: Where Are They Now? special for Season 13 that aired in November 2021, Bao and Zack were shown going on a date and ultimately deciding to embark on a serious, exclusive relationship about four months after "Decision Day."

During the Married at First Sight: Kickoff Special for Season 15 that aired in July 2022 on Lifetime, Johnny slammed Bao for dating their co-star Zack Freeman -- who had also divorced his MAFS wife Michaela Clark against her wishes -- once Married at First Sight's thirteenth season wrapped filming.

"I think Bao was just looking for anyone else on the season," Johnny claimed. "I know she struck out first."

Johnny was hesitant to reveal the man -- other than Zack -- whom Bao had allegedly struck out with after Decision Day, but he ended up spilling the tea.

"I think it was a one-sided thing," Johnny announced. "I think Bao liked [our co-star Ryan Ignasiak] -- but Ryan didn't reciprocate it."

Johnny continued, "So I think she struck out with him first and the only person that's left, if you think about it, is Zack."

Zack would've been the only available groom left since Gil Cuero remained married to Myrla and Jose San Miguel Jr. stayed married to Rachel after Decision Day. (However, both couples have since split).

Kevin asked Johnny if Zack was Bao's "last resort," and Johnny replied, "Yeah."

Johnny also questioned whether Bao and Zack's connection was ever "a real thing" after the show.

Johnny went on to insist, "But he was never serious about any of them. [Zack] wasn't committed to Bao and he wasn't even committed to Michaela."

"He was just going around, sleeping with half of Houston," Johnny declared.

In late 2021, a woman named Elena Guevara accused Zack of repeatedly cheating on Bao with her and multiple other women.


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