Mario Lopez will host CBS' new game show "Candy Crush."

Based on the popular, mobile-game franchise with the same name, the program is slated to debut on July 9.

"Mario Lopez is a perfect fit to host 'Candy Crush.' As a big fan of the game and a competitor by nature, his larger-than-life enthusiasm matches the size and scope of our show," executive producer Matt Kunitz said of the "Extra" anchor and "Saved by the Bell" alum in a statement Thursday.

"As a player, I am excited to step into the real life Candy Crush arena," added Lopez.

"In the new CBS series, the game that has become a worldwide phenomenon comes to life as teams of two people use their wits and physical agility to compete on enormous, interactive game boards featuring next generation technology," a press release explained.

"Teams will use their entire bodies to swing, slide and swipe to make matches in order to conquer 'Candy Crush' and be crowned the champions."