Mariah Carey has reportedly slapped a gag order on husband Nick Cannon in regards to their separation and imminent divorce proceedings.

According to sources, Carey has barred the America's Got Talent host from speaking out in public about their pending divorce or else he'll face major financial penalties, TMZ reported.

Carey, 44, can allegedly announce the split on her own terms under the pair's agreement and Cannon, 33, is only allowed to disclose the fact they're no longer living together, which he's already done.

Cannon, who has three-year-old twins with his wife of six years, confirmed his marriage is in trouble on Thursday and he's been living in a separate house from Carey for several months.

Carey's houses in the Bahamas and Bel Air are on the market, according to E! News.

The host and deejay declined to expose what problems have caused the high-profile couple to hit rock bottom although sources are claiming they just don't get along anymore.

"[Mariah] is heartbroken," a source told E! News. "This has been going on for months. It has a lot to do with Nick's career choices. He does not have to work but he's been throwing himself into gigs and projects."

Added the source, "He's often on the road... he always uses work as an excuse. When she points out that, financially, he does not need to be working as much as he does, it pisses him off and pushes him father away. He hates when people assume he's living off her money."

Trust issues also reportedly have something to do with the split, as Carey caught Cannon talking to a girl in LA.

The singer and Cannon wed in April 2008 and welcomed their twins, Monroe and Moroccan, in April 2011. They've had a pattern of renewing their vows every year as a way to celebrate their anniversary.