Singer/actress Mandy Moore says she doesn't begrudge "American Idol" contestants their instant stardom, even though she spent years building her own career.

Moore can now be seen in "American Dreamz," a big-screen comedy that pokes fun of the celebrities created by the popular TV talent show, "American Idol."

"I would never discredit anyone that is working their way up on a show like 'American Idol,'" Moore told reporters in New York recently.

"I'm a fan of the show and I watch it every week and I think they work so hard overcoming all of the obstacles to get on the show in the first place and then every week they are judged in front of all of America. It must be overwhelming, all of the pressures. I give them complete credit for getting up on stage. I think I would crumble under that pressure. So, no I think they deserve all the success that they get."