Lucas "Whaboom" Yancey doesn't believe he's responsible for his own The Bachelorette elimination, and he apparently has no regrets from his feud with Blake Elarbee.

The Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay sent Lucas and Blake packing during Monday night's episode because she could no longer stand their drama. Blake seemed obsessed with the fact Lucas was on the show for the wrong reasons, while Lucas told Rachel a wild story about his rival in attempt to turn her off.

"I know there were things said [about me], like, from Blake. And I think he just doesn't like me," Lucas told Rachel on the show when beginning to tell his story.

"Why?" Rachel asked, seemingly pretending to care.

"I don't know if, like, he has a crush on me," Lucas replied. "I mean, the other night, he was over my bed peeling a banana and licking the banana. And I woke up and I was like, 'Why? Why is this [happening]?' Yeah."

"Is this real or is this a joke?" Rachel asked.

"No, it really happened," Lucas insisted.

"Did he finish the banana?" the Bachelorette asked, trying not to break a smile.

"He might have," Lucas replied.

Blake absolutely denied the story when speaking with Rachel, saying he doesn't eat carbs because of his special diet and so he doesn't even eat bananas. After his ouster, Blake confronted Lucas and called him "a piece of sh-t" as well as a "wannabe comedian" and "washed up joke."

During a Monday night appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lucas was asked whether he totally made that banana story up.

"It either happened or it was a nightmare," Lucas told host Jimmy Kimmel. "But Blake was following me around and getting after me, as you see in the episodes."

"So you made that story up or it was a fantasy?" Jimmy questioned the suitor.

"It was a bad dream," Lucas concluded. "It was a bad dream."

Blake vented to the cameras in Monday night's episode how Lucas blew his shot at getting to know Rachel better.

So Jimmy asked Lucas on his talk show, "Do you think it was your fault Blake got eliminated?"

"I think it was Blake's fault that I got eliminated," Lucas said in reply.

Also during his appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, Lucas revealed going on Bachelor in Paradise this summer "is a given."

We'll see if his constant "whabooming" attracts the ladies in Mexico on Season 4 of Paradise if he's actually cast. After all, Lucas said his "special skills" -- such as juggling and doing a good Ace Ventura impression -- prompted producers to cast him on The Bachelorette's thirteenth season to begin with.

"I've been whabooming since the womb... It caught on in the way I was hoping, but of course there's always haters and lovers," Lucas noted.