After being nominated for eviction by Lisa Donahue, the first Head of Household, Lori Olson was evicted from the BIG BROTHER 3 house based on the votes of her fellow HouseGuests. Lori received more votes than fellow nominee Amy Crews, who took Marcellas Reynold’s place on the chopping block after Gerry Lancaster vetoed Marcellas’s nomination for eviction.

During last night's live broadcast, the bank representative from Foxboro, Wisc., learned her fate, said her good-byes and left the house. After leaving BIG BROTHER 3, Lori was interviewed by Julie Chen about her experience.

Lori received five of the nine votes for eviction from fellow HouseGuests Chiara Berti, Tonya Paoni, Eric Ouellette, Roddy Mancuso and Marcellas. Amy received four votes from Danielle Reyes, Jason Guy, Josh Feinberg and Gerry. As Head of Household, Lisa was ineligible to vote.