Two weeks after being told that she had taken "the worst photograph in Top Model history" Lluvy, a 21-year-old janitor from Modesto, CA, became the fifth girl eliminated from the fourth edition of America's Next Top Model during last night's UPN broadcast.

Top Model 4's sixth episode began viewers receiving an update on one of last week's primary subplots -- Michelle's skin condition. Using the medication prescribed by the doctor she visited during last week's photo shoot, Michelle's facial bacterial infection had begun to clear up -- which combined with the fact that lead instigator Noelle had been eliminated at the conclusion of last week's episode, meant the girls were no longer gossiping about it.

After meeting with Tyra and her parents to learn about the business side of the modeling industry, the girls attended a CoverGirl Cosmetics party, where they mingled with CoverGirl executives and top fashion insiders from Elle and Cosmopolitan Magazine.

After the party, Jay Manuel informed the girls that the evening had actually been a challenge to test their poise and ability to impress fashion insiders. According to the observations of undercover judges within the party, many of the girls came across as quiet and reserved, with Tiffany, Christina, Brittany, and Michelle all being cited for various shortcomings. While Lluvy appeared very eloquent and knowledgeable about her unique beauty, in the end it was decided that Keenyah came off the best -- winning her a night at a beachfront hotel with Brittany, the fellow contestant that Keenyah selected to share in the prize.

Later, during a phone call to her boyfriend, Lluvy admitted that although she was pleased with the positive comments from the judges at the CoverGirl party, the intense competition made her feel lonely and insecure about her place in the competition. "I'm just completely lost, and I don't understand what's going on in God's little plan up there," she said.

The next morning, the girls were taken to an abandoned gas station in the middle of the desert to complete a photo shoot dressed as sexy mechanics while being doused with rain and wind. During the shoot, Jay criticized Lluvy for her inability to embody the sexy look he wanted. "How do you expect to model if you don't think you're sexy?" Jay remarked.

During the weekly elimination ceremony, the judges viewed the girls' photos from the "sexy mechanic" photo shoot and agreed that although her features were interesting and unique, Lluvy's photos were just not strong enough. "You have all the potential in the world, but from week to week your pictures say otherwise," Tyra remarked to Lluvy just before eliminating her from America's Next Top Model 4.