Lionel Richie detailed on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" how his friend Stevie Wonder once pulled off an epic prank by acting like he was going to drive a car.

The "American Idol" judge on a Thursday appearance explained how Wonder -- who is famously blind -- has always had a sense of humor and is a practical joker.

The prank involved Wonder inviting Richie into a car in order for him to listen to a new song on a cassette tape when Wonder suddenly took the driver's seat.

"He puts the cassette in, he cranks the car up and then he put it in reverse and starts going down the driveway. I said 'Stevie!' he goes 'I got you,'" Richie said.

Richie, who is going on tour once again, will be performing alongside Wonder at Hyde Park in London on July 6.

"I want to go on first for an obvious reason. When Stevie goes on, he plays until he gets tired," Richie said.