Lindsay Yenter is not only in a new relationship, but she has fallen in love.

"I'm very happy. I found love," the 24-year-old substitute teacher from Fort Leonard Wood, MO, recently told Life & Style.

"His name is Karl and he's from San Diego, CA."

Yenter, who finished as the runner-up during Sean Lowe's The Bachelor season, has reportedly been in a long-distance relationship with Karl for about two months now and is dedicated to making things work between them.

"Every weekend, I am there. That's why I'm not in LA," she explained. "I've been going backwards and forwards. He's actually my best friend's boyfriend's brother, so we have a little circle of people we hang out with."

After Yenter got eliminated from Lowe's The Bachelor edition, it apparently took about a month for her to cope with the heartbreak.

"I'm completely moving on... I have my eye on somebody, but I'm not ready to talk about it positively yet," Yenter told reporters during a March conference call that took place shortly after The Bachelor's seventeenth-season finale aired on March 11. 
She also told Life & Style at the time, "It's crazy, once you're done filming, you kind of realize what you want and it took about a month just to really mourn the relationship [with Sean]. After that, everything fell into place. I love where I live and I have a great guy in my life."

Lowe ended up selecting and proposing to Catherine Giudici over Yenter, but Yenter wishes the couple well.

"I'm so happy for them," she added. "We're all still friends."