Lauren Bushnell is apparently far from moved on from her relationship with former The Bachelor star Ben Higgins.

Lauren and Ben publicly announced their split earlier this month, well over a year after Ben popped the question on the March 2016 season finale of his The Bachelor season. Ben recently said the breakup was a long time coming because the joy in their romance faded over time.

A TMZ paparazzo caught up with Lauren at Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday night, and Lauren confirmed she and Ben are completely done. However, the blogger, model and former flight attendant admitted there may be a chance to work things out down the road.

"I mean, I feel like I have no idea what's going to happen in my life moving forward. I'm kind of open to all things," Lauren told TMZ.

When asked to clarify whether she's "open" to a potential reconciliation, Lauren said "yeah" with a sweet smile.

Lauren revealed she must give her engagement ring back soon but hasn't let go of it yet. She confessed, "I don't know," when asked whether she's ready to return the ring.

"Honestly, I'm just trying to move forward and just make the best of a situation that's kind of awful," Lauren admitted to the paparazzo.

"You could say [I'm getting back to normal]. I'm trying, I'm trying. I'm looking for an apartment [in Los Angeles]. I used to live in L.A. before I moved to Denver, so I'm moving back to L.A... I'm going to work on my blog, fashion, I don't know -- whatever comes my way. I'm just trying to take it day by day."

Lauren was also asked whether she'd be interested in starring as the Bachelorette on ABC. (Rachel Lindsay's season just premiered two weeks ago).

"Probably not right now," Lauren replied with a big laugh, as if she was answering an absurd question. "I'm just trying to recover and move forward."

The blonde beauty added that she also has no desire to appear on any other reality shows.

Based on Lauren's body language and brief responses, she seems to be having a tough time getting over her ex-fiance, who just started a podcast with his friend Ashley Iaconetti from The Bachelor franchise. Lauren said she hasn't listened to Ben and Ashley's podcast yet.
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As for whether she has her eye on any celebrity to date, Lauren insisted, "I'm not open to dating anyone at this point to be honest. I need a second to calm down, breathe."