Residents of Laguna Beach, Calif., have accused the MTV series named after the sunny locale of focusing on the city's negative points.

Local political candidates and parents have become more and more outspoken against the MTV reality series, accusing "Laguna Beach: The Real Orange County" of increasing crime and substance abuse in the Southern California city, The Los Angeles Times reported.

"It was a boneheaded move. I would never let my child participate," said parent Ketta Brown about MTV's filming. "Hopefully this show will die a natural death."

The criticism of the TV series follows a recent study that claimed Laguna Beach to be tops in substance abuse in Orange County.

"When it was so hot this summer and people asked why, I said, 'It must be MTV.' That's how ridiculous it has become," Candace Hurley, a mother of two, told the newspaper. "People now blame MTV for everything."