Kathy Ireland has revealed she suffered from a knee injury during her Dancing with the Stars run but declined to publicly divulge it because she didn't want sympathy votes.

"The truth is... after my little spin on DWTS am going 2 have knee surgery," she wrote in a Friday post on her Twitter account.

"Did not want people 2 know during voting process becuz (sic) sympathy votes & drama not my thing. Have not told many in my family. You heard it here 1st."

Ireland and her professional partner Tony Dovolani were the third couple eliminated from Dancing with the Stars ninth season during the second week of the competition.

Ireland said that at the time, she was performing with a leg that was "twisted, torn, [and] needing surgical repair."

"During the show...knew I would need knee surgery...but why talk about it while people were voting?" she reiterated on her Twitter account.

Ireland added she plans to have knee surgery after she performs during Dancing with the Stars ninth-season finale on November 24.

"Will dance, dance, dance...whatever---no sympathy votes 2 worry about anymore," she posted.