Kathy Griffin will apparently break out the pompons to cheer for her ex-boyfriend Steve Wozniak when the billionaire Apple co-founder goes Dancing with the Stars next month.

"I will be watching, and will be riveted," Griffin told Us Weekly at the 11th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards in Beverly Hills, CA on Tuesday night.  "If I am in town, I will definitely go support him."

The Kathy Griffin: My Life on the D-List star met Wozniak in 2007 when he came to see her perform her stand-up act at a show in Saratoga, NY and she subsequently arrived at that year's Emmy Award ceremony donning what appeared to be an engagement ring.

While the couple eventually split last April, Wozniak still appeared in My Life on the D-List fourth-season

"Well, we really were friends at the beginning, so it wasn't that type of heartbreak situation for either of us -- so it was really easy to just continue to be friends," she told Us. "He will do great [on Dancing with the Stars]! I am excited to watch him."

Despite being one of his biggest cheerleaders, Griffin said she could not comment on Wozniak's ballroom skills.

"I have not danced with him in that sense," she told Us. "But I feel there is nothing he can't do."

Regardless of how he does, Griffin said Wozniak's Dancing with the Stars experience will help get his face out there.

"It will definitely expose him to people he would not normally meet," she told Us.  "It is always fun to see Steve in a fish out of water situation. He will make all kinds of new friends."

Wozniak is partnered with professional Karina Smirnoff for Dancing with the Stars eighth season, which will debut March 9.