Julianne Hough apparently caught Ryan Seacrest's eye well before the former Dancing with the Stars professional dancer and American Idol host began dating last year.

"Dancing with the Stars and American Idol are literally right across the hall from each other [at the same television studio].  So we would be passing each other in the hallway -- I'd be in my skimpy little outfits and he'd be in his little tie... so we would pass each other in the hallway," Hough told The Tonight Show host Jay Leno during a Monday night appearance to promote her new Footloose film, which opens in theaters on Friday.

"I was even on his radio show with my [now] ex-boyfriend, which was kind of odd.  But I could just -- I just knew he was like poking, and I knew his intentions!"

Hough, a two-time Dancing with the Stars champion, last competed on the show during its eighth season in early 2009.  She competed with Chuck Wicks, her boyfriend at the time, however the pair later split and she began dating Seacrest early last year.

After dodging questions and rumors about their dating life for months, Hough, 23, and Seacrest, 36, finally confirmed they were dating late last year.