Julianne Hough and Derek Hough say their "Move Live On Tour" dance tour has brought them closer together.

The siblings, who are both professional dancers, kicked off the tour at the end of May. They will travel all across the country to perform for their fans until the tour comes to an end July 26 in Los Angeles.

"When you do have a bond like ours, it is more like a partnership, not necessarily a brother-sister thing," Julianne tells People. "You know when someone needs each other."

"When you train together and travel together the relationship becomes very supportive," Derek adds.

The pair spent countless hours rehearsing for the tour, and are excited to perform for their family and friends in their hometown in Utah.

"Our parents are very cool," Julianne shares. "They are not super involved like stage moms and dads, but they are very proud."

"Dancing is taking me back to my roots and giving me that energy and confidence," she goes on to reveal. "I'm just going for it now."

Julianne, Derek and Move Live On Tour perform Tuesday evening in San Antonio, Texas.