Jubilee Sharpe is a bold yet sweet bachelorette competing for Ben Higgins on The Bachelor this season.

Jubilee embarked a group date with Ben during the most recent episode. She shared the emotional story of her past with him -- which includes being born in Haiti and living in an orphanage for a while -- and then scored a romantic kiss for her ability to open up.

The 24-year-old war veteran who currently resides in Fort Lauderdale, FL, was also shown giving Ben a teddy-bear to prove he's not unlovable during a cute sneak-peek clip that aired on Bachelor Live.

So what else do we know about this bachelorette?

Below is a list of 12 facts Reality TV World compiled about Jubilee:

- She was active in the U.S. Army for 4.5 years and counts herself among "certified killers." Yikes, watch out Ben! Don't break her heart.

- While she sees the positives of living a city life, Jubilee lived in Montana for five years and loved it.

- The bachelorette is a thrill-seeker. She enjoys extreme sports such as snowboarding, and she even spent New Year's Day snowboarding with her father.

- Jubilee prides herself on coming from a beautiful blended family. She was adopted at the age of six.

- She recently completed a three-week South Carolina Warrior Leadership Camp.

- Jubilee isn't a big fan of swimming, but she'll occasionally ride a wave or just do the doggy paddle.

- The bachelorette admits to being quite the snacker. You will typically catch her munching on chocolates and Cheez-Its.
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- Jubilee wasn't happy when Caitlyn Jenner won the Arthur Ashe courage honor at the ESPYs last year. She found it "appalling" and believed the award belonged to former Dancing with the Stars finalist Noah Galloway, a war veteran and double amputee.

- She rocks tight dresses and high heels, but Jubilee is a self-declared Tomboy.

- The bachelorette considers herself a homebody. She spends many Saturday nights watching Netflix in her bed under a blanket with food, a pillow and her phone close by.

- Jubilee prefers hot weather to cold because she's anemic.


- Jubilee retweeted a post from a Yahoo! Sports writer recently that reads, "Charles Barkley on the #lakers facing #warriors: 'Like the black girl on The Bachelor. Got no chance.'"