Jorge Eduardo won his The Voice Battle against Amber Sauer for Kelly Clarkson's team, and now he's dishing on what the experience was like.

Jorge, a 24-year-old wedding singer originally from Mexico who currently resides in Dallas, TX, defeated Amber, a 35-year-old singer from Paradise, CA, during the Battle Round in Tuesday night's episode of The Voice's fourteenth season.

Kelly asked the pair to sing "Starving" by their team adviser, Hailee Steinfeld, and they switched things up by singing a verse in Spanish.

When Reality TV World asked Jorge whether the decision to sing in a different language was a way of stepping up his game for a very challenging match-up, he replied, "Not really."

"So, the decision to sing in Spanish was because -- I think we were on a break or something. Me and Amber were practicing the song and they didn't mention it [on the show] but it was both of our idea," Jorge explained.

"I started fooling around and singing and translating the song in Spanish and singing to her, and she started laughing, and she was like, 'That part actually sounds good.' And then she asked me to teach her, and so I taught her that part, and at first, we started doing it as a joke. But then we showed it to Kelly and she loved it! So we stuck with it."

Jorge added, "So I didn't really do it to step up my game."

But Kelly admitted on the show it was the "dumbest move" ever to pair these two artists together, and the Battle was a close one.

"The fact I was going up against Amber, I was a little bit nervous in the beginning because I saw Amber's ambition and she has an amazing voice," Jorge told Reality TV World.

Alicia Keys and Adam Levine, however, both voiced how Jorge had seemingly won the Battle because he's so "diverse" and "fantastic."

"The hard thing for me at first was thinking what Amber and I could to together," he said. "And I think we found my voice and her voice sounded really good together. And so for the Battle, we did -- what I would like to call it -- a collaboration."

At the end of the day, Jorge thought Amber had fun, and he did as well, so it was "a great" time overall.

"I made a really great friend too," Jorge noted.
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Jorge was also flattered to hear Adam lament about how he wished he had turned around for Jorge in the Blind Auditions given he's such a multi-faceted artist.

When asked whether Jorge still would have joined Kelly's team had all four coaches turned around for him in the Blinds, Jorge revealed, "Yes, definitely," adding that fate seemed to play a role in his team placement.

"It's funny because since the beginning, when I stepped onstage for my Blind Audition, I was just thinking about giving my best performance and if I had a chair, or chairs, it would be great, but if not, I'd go home happy about it," Jorge explained.

"But it was funny because I always thought about picking Kelly... I kind of liked the fact she was on a singing contest, so I just thought she could be more [in my shoes] and all the things I could learn from her might be more useful... I could use more of the things she'd teach."

Kelly won the very first season of American Idol when the show premiered on Fox back in 2002.