Jordan Smith was shown having a great support system from his parents while competing on The Voice's ninth season, but he also had another important person constantly cheering him on.

Smith, who won The Voice, revealed he's had a girlfriend named Kristen Denny for over three years, People reported.

"It's so full circle," Smith told People. "She's so happy for me and she knows this is exactly what I've dreamed about."

On the big night of the finale when The Voice host Carson Daly announced Smith's name as the winner of Season 9, Smith said, "[Denny] came on stage and hugged me and just told me, 'This is it.'"

The talented singer admitted it was "such a special moment" for him.

"[Denny has] been through it all with me and has been such a big support and foundation. To have her with me was so special," Smith explained, before noting Denny is also a singer herself.

As for what's next for Smith, he told People he's busy recording his debut album, which is expected to be released at some point next year.

"I've already started working on it and I'm ready to get in the studio and write new music," Smith said. "It's from my heart and it comes directly from the center of who I am. I want to make music that is thought-provoking and emotionally provoking and connects with people on a human level."

Smith defeated runner-up Emily Ann Roberts for The Voice trophy as well as third-place finisher Barrett Baber and fourth-place finisher Jeffery Austin in last week's finale.