Jordan Kimball is denying Jenna Cooper's claims he had fabricated text messages indicating she had cheated on him and was using their Bachelor in Paradise engagement to make money and get ahead in her career.

Jordan posted screenshots on his Instagram Friday of an alleged email sent to him from Jenna's North Carolina attorney, Justin Apple.


The alleged email accuses the Bachelor in Paradise star of fabricating text messages between Jenna and an unidentified man and sending them to Reality Steve spoiler blogger Steve Carbone last month to paint Jenna as a liar and a cheater. The attorney demanded in the email Jordan release a public apology for hurting Jenna or else face legal action.

"I am trying to live my life and move on," Jordan told Entertainment Tonight. "I am a victim in this. I absolutely, 100 percent did not fabricate those text messages. I'll put my hand on the Bible for that."

About a week after Jenna teased on her social media there was a dramatic twist to be announced in her investigation to find "justice" following a forensic analysis of her electronic devices and iCloud account, Jordan says he received the email.

"I've called you multiple times, at different times, so that we can discuss the clear and convincing forensic results (ie; Jenna did not send those texts published by Reality Steve) and my willingness to meet with you to share the same, if necessary," reads the email, allegedly from Justin Apple.

"We have not heard from you likely because you know what we know (ie; that you created the fabricated texts posted by Stephen Carbone)... You are clearly avoiding the situation because you know the truth already. This is your last opportunity to remediate the harm to Jenna before we take action against you and Stephen Carbone."

Jordan was given until 12PM ET on October 6 to publicly state he has found "satisfactory evidence" to declare Jenna did not send those "fabricated texts."


Jordan was also asked to "apologize for being quick to judge."

If he failed to do so, the document stated Jenna's legal team would file a lawsuit against Carbone and "release the historic texts between you and Jenna which the public can compare to the fabricated texts and make their own conclusions. You should note that the only man Jenna ever called 'princess' in a text message is you."

Justin allegedly accused Jordan of being the one to send Carbone the fabricated texts because they were a "cliffs notes version" of his own previous texts with Jenna.

The lawyer also warned Jordan that if he posted the email publicly, he would forfeit the deal and prompt Jenna's legal team to respond accordingly.

"This is your final opportunity to release a public statement and remediate some of the harm done to Jenna. I know the truth, and I am giving you an easy 'out,'" the alleged email concludes.

Jordan admitted to ET he was "absolutely blindsided" by this email because he's been trying to move on from his split with Jenna, whom he had proposed marriage to on Bachelor in Paradise's fifth-season finale.

"When I got this email, I called Mr. Apple. I left him a voicemail. Then, we got on the phone and he started shouting at me. In my mind, that isn't okay. I ended the phone call and then his associate, Bill Young, called me several times within 10 minutes," Jordan claimed.


"At this point, I have nothing to say to them. They're asking me for all the communication I've had with Reality Steve. I would have no problem with that coming to light; I'd never even spoken to Reality Steve until the evening that all of these texts came out. The way they're portraying this situation doesn't add up for me. I'm not gaining anything from it."

Jordan revealed he plans to report Justin to the North Carolina Bar Association over his poor conduct.

"I hope [Justin] enjoys the public eye," Jordan told ET.

"I hope he is on the toilet sick over all this, calling his mother and doesn't know what to do. [What he gave me is] an ultimatum. This is not a good person I'm dealing with, and he's messing with the wrong guy."

Jordan added, "Jordan Kimball is not walking into a courtroom. He ended the engagement over what he was presented with and he moved on."

In addition, Jordan insisted he hasn't spoken to Jenna in over a week, mainly because he has "nothing to say to her" anymore.

"Jenna and I have been done 100 percent for quite some time," the professional model noted.

"No one has had to be quiet like I have, dealt with calls from her family and much more. There's more to the story that I will never even disclose. This has not been easy for me."

One day after Bachelor in Paradise's September 12 finale, Jordan broke up with Jenna due to the series of leaked text messages.

Not only did Jenna allegedly bash Jordan in the messages by saying she's better than him and doesn't even like him -- never mind love him -- but she also wrote some graphic sexual things to a man who appeared to be her real boyfriend at the time.

Jenna allegedly wrote to this man in the leaked text messages: "I know you're upset about this week's episodes but... this is all for my business. You know how much I need the money. Me and Jordan aren't together for real. I don't even like him let alone love him."

Jenna allegedly continued, "I'm better than him and once I'm able to, I'll break it off for good and make up some story to make him look bad if it'll make you feel better. He means nothing to me and never has... All for work and networking. You're the only one I need in my life. The only guy who interests me."

Jordan, however, previously admitted to People that he knows Jenna very well, and after reading the text messages, "in my heart, I know it's her."


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