Nigel Lythgoe wagered with viewers that Jonathan Platero would be in the bottom three this week -- and unfortunately for the So You Think You Can Dance finalist, the judge won the bet.

"Nobody wants to think that they're going to get eliminated, but I definitely kind of figured I was going to be in the bottom three -- especially with him saying that," Platero told Reality TV World during a Friday conference call.

While the 21-year-old salsa dancer from Sanford, FL who currently resides in New York, NY added that he understands "each judge is entitled to his own opinion," he still wasn't happy to hear Lythgoe make the bet during Wednesday night's performance episode that saw Platero perform a hip-hop routine with partner Karla Garcia.

"It hurt a little bit for him to say that.  I didn't think he was going to be as tough as he was," Platero told Reality TV World.  "It was a tough style for me. So I couldn't blame him."

Platero and Asuka Kondoh, a 25-year-old Latin ballroom dancer from San Francisco, CA who currently resides in Irvine, CA, were both eliminated from So You Think You Can Dance's fifth season during Thursday night's live results show on Fox.

"Being on the show I kind of learned to accept things as they come along and just not expect anything in general," Kondoh told Reality TV World about her ouster.  "I just took it.  I wasn't surprised.  It could have been anyone of us.  I was just trying to accept the fact that if it's me then it's me and I can't fight it anymore."

Kondoh and Vitolio Jeune performed a jazz routine during Wednesday night's performance episode -- and she called it the "most difficult" style she had to dance on the show.

"I think everything was just against what I normally want to do as a Latin ballroom dancer -- lots of level changes, I was trying to dance in jazz shoes for once, being bent-kneed, being lifted -- everything was just completely not what I'm used to doing," she explained to reporters.

"I thought every week was a challenge to me.  I never got my own style.  I just tried the best I could."

Platero also said he knew his hip-hop routine wasn't up to snuff and added he "could have taken more risks" if it weren't for his nerves.

"You're just trying to perform for your life," he told reporters.

Both Platero and Kondoh found themselves among the bottom three couples based on home viewer votes cast immediately following Wednesday night's performance episode.  They were then ousted by the show's three judges after the six dancers each performed a solo routine.

"There's just so much to think about, especially being a ballroom dancer.  There's only so much you can do with it," said Platero about his 30-second solo. 
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"So really the only dynamics that I can put into my solo is kind of incorporate a mix of some salsa and acrobatics to try to help me save my life like I did [my first time in the bottom three in Week 1]."

Kondoh agreed that her 30-second also was an attempt to save her skin that fell just short.

"I only have 30 seconds, so if it looked a little bit strange I guess it's probably because I didn't have a partner," she explained.  "So the whole time I was imagining that I was holding my partner's hand.  So it is a partner dance and I was trying the best I could in the 30 seconds."

Now that Platero and Kondoh have been eliminated, Garcia and Jeune will be partnered for this week's performance episode.

"I think they're going to do great," Platero told Reality TV World.  "I had Karla as a partner and she was amazing.  She was easy to get along with, she was able to adapt to anybody who she was partnered with.  I think they'll do great."

While Kondoh said she plans on enjoying some much needed rest and relaxation, Platero said he hopes to continue both dancing and performing acrobatics.

"I always loved doing acrobatics so I definitely want to still pursue that.  I think that would be amazing," he said.  "Whether it falls into acrobatics or dancing -- or even if it's something where I can do both of them -- I don't think it would be a decision.  I think I would choose both of them."