Despite earlier commments that he would be competing, Girls Gone Wild creator Joe Francis will not be participating in the second season of The Celebrity Apprentice after all.

"Donald Trump and I decided to do a different show," Francis told the New York Post in a Monday report. "I would have added a lot to Celebrity Apprentice, and I would have been excited to do it, but I'm more excited by this other idea."

Francis did not disclose any additional details about the "different show."

Rumors that Francis would be part of the show's second season first began surfacing a couple of weeks ago, and Francis had eventually confirmed his participation in late August.

"I'm doing Celebrity Apprentice," Francis told while attending the August 21 finale of the second season of MTV's Randy Jackson Presents: America's Best Dance Crew.

However once Francis was linked to the show, NBC executives reportedly dealt with a firestorm of resistance from sponsors and eventually decided against Francis' inclusion in the show, according to The Post.

Francis was vague as to whether NBC's decision had factored into the decision to pursue a separate show with Trump.

On Friday, E! News reported that Francis had "passed" on The Apprentice prior to a federal judge's ruling on a prior motion by his lawyer asking to allow Francis to travel out of California to take part in the show's taping. He will likely need to file a new motion if he does take part in a separate Trump project.

Francis recently spent 10 months in prison after being accused of using under age girls in his series of sexually explicit videos and is currently charged with two counts of income-tax evasion. His lawyers are seeking to delay his current trial until 2010.