Jill and Nicole learned that winning a beauty pageant requires more than just looking good, as the Delaware mother/daughter duo became the fourth team eliminated from Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants during last night's broadcast of The CW reality series.

"I'm disappointed in myself because I could have done a lot better," explained Jill following her team's elimination.  "But I really learned to focus more on your inner beauty."

Crowned's fourth episode broadcast began with the eight remaining duos meeting with the show's pageant director Linnea Maloney, who informed them to meet her in the Rose Court in 15 minutes wearing high heels for a dance rehearsal.  Linnea explained opening dance routines are essential to most pageants, so the girls would be refining their moves onstage with the help of Scott, a beauty-pageant choreographer. Many of the moms struggled at first but eventually got the hang of it. 

Next the teams met Amy, a professionally-trained trust coach, who put the girls through a series of trust exercises for Crowned's third reward challenge. 

During the first exercise, which saw the teams trying to stand up while having their arms interlocked, Orlando, FL mom Patty and her daughter Laura, who resides in Nashville, TN, struggled due to their lack of teamwork.  When Amy disqualified their team, Patty took the blame and said it was because she just "couldn't get up."  Laura said it was a "little frustrating," and Patty said she felt like she was "under stress and pressure" to meet her daughter's expectations.

The second exercise the eight teams participated in was a 30-second stare, which had mothers and daughters sitting extremely close together and staring into each other's faces without talking or breaking eye contact.  It was an emotional exercise for most of the moms, many of whom shed tears.  Amy judged each of the teams on which showed the best teamwork, and awarded Brenda and her daughter Heather, who are both from Parkersburg, WV, the reward challenge victory.

"It was a big moment for us, because we never won any challenge or any clinic or anything like that," explained Brenda.

They were presented with a platter of wrapped gift boxes, and Linnea told them to choose wisely since some of the boxes had nothing while others contained "jewels."  Brenda and Heather picked a box that contained cosmetic treasure chests.

That night Patty and Laura continued to butt heads, as Laura asked her mom to prepare her something for dinner, which caused Patty to label her daughter as "spoiled."  However as Laura's mom, Patty took the credit for her daughter acting that way.  When Laura started asking others in the house how to turn the stove on, Patty was embarrassed and confronted her daughter.

"Either get it together or we're done," Patty told Laura.  "Whether they kick us out or not, I'll walk out!"

The next morning the girls met Linnea, and she explained the rules for the fourth de-sashing challenge. Each mother/daughter duo would have to create a one-minute talent presentation.  The teams would be judged on how well their talent routine reflects them; the skill level of their routine; and the teamwork in their presentation.  The girls were then sent to rehearse.

Talents ranged from singing and dancing to comedy and an aerial fabric demonstration.  Patty and Laura put their previous argument behind them and tried to focus on their talent, which saw Laura singing while Patty played the piano.  New York, NY daughter Hollis was so confident in her singing routine, she started to help some of the other teams who she's friendly with, which made her mom Gina feel a little lonely and cut into their practice time together.
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Jill and Nicole decided to do a hula hoop demonstration for their talent, which Nicole thought was "different" from what any of the other teams were doing.

"I think it's going to be awesome because it's something my mom and I have always done together," she added.

Jill explained she recently became divorced in the last year, so she's trying to rebuild her self-esteem.  It didn't help when Nicole criticized Jill for showing her stomach as they rehearsed their routine, describing it as "inappropriate" for a 40-year-old.  Jill decided to fight back by telling Nicole to wear her hair in braids since it would make her look more like the daughter. 

"You want me to do well I have to feel well, remember?" asked Jill.  "We're a team!"

The next day, the eight teams arrived for Crowned's fourth de-sashing ceremony, where they would be judged by former Miss USA, Dancing with the Stars third-season celebrity participant and Meet the Barkers co-star Shanna Moakler; former Queer Eye fashion expert Carson Kressley; and television personality Cynthia Garrett.

Positive critiques were received by Chandler, AZ mother/daughter duo Melinda and Rachelle for their dance routine; Angela, who is from Orange Park, FL, and her daughter Tenia, who resides in New York, NY, for singing "I'm Every Woman;" Dallas, TX mother/daughter duo Ada and Christian for their provocative dance routine; and Patty and Laura for their singing/piano-playing combo.

Jenileigh -- who took home the 2006 Miss Wyoming crown -- showed off her talents in the aerial fabric arena, however her mom Moya played a smaller role in the demonstration.  While the judges were impressed with Jenileigh, they had hoped the routine would have showcased more of Moya.

Brenda and Heather also received mixed reviews for their Jeff Foxworthy-like comedy routine.  Carson absolutely loved it and characterized it as a "brave choice," however Shanna wasn't so sure it worked.

Gina and Hollis didn't get very good reviews, as Shanna commented how their singing mostly highlighted Hollis' vocal abilities.  While the judges loved their costumes and their song choice, they all agreed the harmonizing of the tune was off.  Overall, Shanna said she was a "little disappointed."

Jill and Nicole also received negative reviews for their hula hoop demonstration.  Jill struggled to keep the hula hoop going during several points of the routine, and -- surprise, surprise -- later blamed it on the fact that the clothing covering her midsection was slowing her down.

"Honest to God, all these clothes really got in my way," she explained.

Carson said the routine wasn't enough, and the judges were even more surprised to learn that Jill can dance and Nicole can sing, however they chose to hula hoop instead.

The judges then deliberated before revealing Patty and Laura were the highest-scoring duo of the week, and Carson added it was because the team had the "whole package" while Shanna said they had good teamwork and also highlighted their individual talents.  Shanna then revealed Gina and Hollis and Jill and Nicole were the two lowest scoring teams.

Shanna commented Gina and Hollis are a "strong team," however Hollis out-shined her mom.  Carson thought the performance "lacked charisma" and Cynthia said the harmonizing didn't work for her.

Shanna said it was "really hard" to hear that Jill and Nicole chose to hula hoop over singing and dancing, adding their routine didn't showcase them well together as a team and she "really couldn't see that mother/daughter relationship."

"You looked great out there doing it.  You're definitely one of the most beautiful pairs here in the competition," commented Carson.  "But unfortunately this is about more than just looking great."

"Beauty's not enough," added Cynthia, echoing Carson's statement.

Jill and Nicole were then eliminated from the competition.

"I was just hoping for the title," said Nicole following her team's ouster.  "But I'll go back to my life."

Crowned: The Mother of All Pageants' next episode will air Wednesday, January 9 at 8PM ET/PT on The CW.