Jersey Shore star Jenni "J-Woww" Farley is going to court to try and stop her ex-boyfriend from releasing a collection of nude photographs of her.

Farley has filed a motion for a show cause order against former boyfriend Tom Lippolis in Nassau Supreme Court in Long Island, NY in an attempt to prohibit him from making money on the pictures, which show the Jersey Shore star before and after she underwent liposuction and a second breast augmentation procedure, RadarOnline reported Thursday.

"[Farley] is trying to block him from distributing the images and is trying to get the court to compel arbitration in the case," Lippolis' lawyer Jeffrey I. Baum told RadarOnline.

While Judge Jeffrey Brown has yet to rule on the request, Baum told RadarOnline he believes Farley's legal action is not justified and his client holds the rights to the photographs because the reality TV star consented to them when they were taken. 

"We have filed an opposition to this asking the judge to dismiss her order because the images belong to my client and they were taken with Miss Farley's consent over a year ago," Baum said.

"We believe they represent no irreparable harm to her and Mr. Lippolis should not be precluded from doing what he wants with them."

According to RadarOnline, Farley is concerned the "before" and "after" photos show how much plastic surgery she had before she rose to fame when Jersey Shore debuted on MTV in late 2009.

"She is mortified that the photographs might get out there now that she has established herself as a reality star," a source told RadarOnline.

"The photographs really show how much work she had done and she looks great in the 'after shots' which show her body after it had totally healed from the surgeries."

This isn't the first legal dispute for the former couple, who reportedly broke-up in early August when Lippolis moved out of their shared home after Farley was photographed kissing another man.

Late last year, Lippolis filed a lawsuit against Farley claiming she owes him unpaid management fees for serving as her manager during the first two seasons of Jersey Shore