Although yesterday's report that Survivor's fifteenth edition will film in China stated that the location would result in the long-running CBS reality show filming its fifteenth season in a non-island setting, that apparently won't be the case.

"I can't even pronounce it, I have to find China on the map first," Survivor host Jeff Probst commented when Live with Regis and Kelly co-host Kelly Ripa -- referencing Wednesday's Daily Variety report that Survivor's Fall 2007 edition will film in the communist country -- asked him what part of China the show would be visiting on Thursday's Live broadcast.

"When I find it then I'll zero in on the little group of islands we're going to," Probst, serving as a fill-in co-host for regular Live co-host Regis Philbin, continued.

As part of its Wednesday report that Survivor's fifteenth edition will film in China, Variety had also reported that although China's 18,000 kilometer coastline includes thousands of islands, the move to China would take the show "away from an island setting" for the first time in several seasons.  (Survivor: Guatemala, the show's Fall 2005 eleventh edition, was the most recent Survivor edition to film at an inland location.)

During his Thursday morning Live appearance, Probst also urged Survivor viewers to make sure and tune in for tonight's broadcast of Survivor: Fiji's tenth episode.  "I will say we have a great episode tonight, a great episode, a great Tribal Council," said Probst.  "If you are a Survivor fan, you're going to like tonight's episode [it's] a very good episode [with a] great Tribal Council."
About The Author: Steven Rogers
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