Jason Brock was ousted from The X Factor, which determined the competition's Top 12 second-season finalist acts, Thursday night during the Fox reality singing competition's first live results show.

Jason was ousted from the competition after The X Factor co-hosts Khloe Kardashian and Mario Lopez revealed he was one of the bottom two acts based on home viewer votes cast immediately following Wednesday night's Top 13 performance show and judges Simon Cowell, Britney Spears, Demi Lovato, and L.A. Reid produced a deadlock -- a 2-2 tie vote -- when determining whether he or fellow contestant Cece Frey, the week's other bottom two vote-getter, should be axed from the show.

Due to the deadlock, Jason, a 35-year-old from San Francisco, CA, was then automatically eliminated due to his status as the week's lowest vote-getter.

During a Friday conference call with reporters, Jason talked about his experience on The X Factor and being a member of L.A.'s "Over 25s" category.

You alluded to the fact [when talking to reporters after the show] last night that being openly gay might've had a negative effect on your voting results and why you got eliminated. Could you clarify whether you think that had something to do with it? And also, do they show The X Factor in Japan? If so, would you ever go over there and perform?

Jason Brock: Oh my gosh, I love these questions. Okay, yes. I think that the gay thing could've had some influence on the voting, because I think a lot of America isn't -- well, I wouldn't say the majority -- but there's a good portion of America that still think being gay is wrong. So it's possible that that could've influenced the votes for me.

But you know, I was prepared for that, and I don't regret at all being me. And it's possible that Simon, I don't know. I wouldn't say he didn't like it, but it's hard to say what he didn't like about me. I sometimes found it hard to pinpoint, and I wonder whether that might've been part of it. But who knows!

About performing in Japan, I would absolutely love to as a singer, as an actor, as just a guest on a show -- whatever. I'd love to do it and The X Factor does air in Japan. There's some people who can watch it. I forgot exactly how they can get it, but some people do watch it in Japan. I so want to [go there]. That's partially my motivation for trying to connect with Japan too, because I'd love to work there.

Were you ever told to kind of calm down a little bit on The X Factor, because I know on some other shows, being so kind of "out there" is discouraged.

Jason Brock: Yeah, well I have to say I appreciate X Factor for never asking me to do that. Like the show itself has always been encouraging of me being myself. I mean, for the most part. After the live shows. But no one ever said I was too gay or needed to tone it down. Thank goodness.

Did you get into trouble for telling The X Factor co-host Mario Lopez you wanted to pinch his butt onstage?

Jason Brock: (Laughs) No one ever told me that that was not okay. No one ever even talked to me about it really, except to say maybe, "That was hilarious." I thought [it was]. (Laughs) I just talked to Mario and he's -- I think we're in love. (Laughs)

If you had stayed another week in the competition or longer, what kind of songs or production would you have wanted to do? What did you envision doing next?

Jason Brock: You know, I was thinking appearance-wise just totally -- not even thinking about what Simon was saying -- but going absolutely crazy with my style -- closer to Gaga, Elton John, that kind of thing. And then doing maybe a song like a Lady Gaga cover, actually, or something like that or Rihanna. Yeah.
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It seemed like your song choices on the show were very different from one another.

Jason Brock: I agree. I felt like my first live show, when I was in the Top 16, was not really so representative of me, but I did it because I thought it was -- I was getting good advice from L.A. to do that song. I did it the best I possibly could, but I don't think that was quite me. But the second song, I really did feel was me -- the "I Believe I Can Fly." And my "save me" songs were totally me too.

Specifically to your criticism from Simon, did you kind of agree with what he was saying about how you kind of seemed like a Las Vegas lounge act? Could you also talk a little bit more about your discussions with L.A. on your song choices and what not?

Jason Brock: Well, Simon, what he said about my outfit and stuff, I definitely considered what he was saying. But the thing is, I think that my wardrobe -- although I probably wouldn't have gone with that red jacket -- I probably would've gone with a black jacket or something else. Because after he said that, I totally thought the same thing.

But as far as other things he said, I think I was pretty -- it was pretty appropriate. Like when I did that first number "Dance Again," with all the sparkles and the dancers, that was cool. I thought it was really cool to have a pretty gay moment, (Laughs) or you could call it a Vegas moment or a Broadway moment.

But it was really like flamboyant, and that was cool, and I got my glitter explosion -- thank goodness. So I wouldn't take that back. But yeah, I think Simon had some valid points, like maybe the jacket I was wearing. But other things were just mean, like him implying I'm too fat to fly, and he never really focused on my voice -- which is really strong.

He never said, "But your voice was great." Well, that's not true, on the "save me" song, he did. But mostly, he didn't. So, he was always harsh to me and I guess he just wasn't feeling me. I think he just wasn't feeling me as a performer.

Who did you see as being your biggest competition while you were on the show? Which of the Top 12 acts do you view as the frontrunners?

Jason Brock: Yes, the one that I always think of as like the frontrunner is [Carly Rose Sonenclar]. I think that she is really, really talented. She's so young and has such a great voice. I always thought of her as my biggest competition.

Would there be any way, whether it would mean you joining a group or something, you could come back again for a third season of The X Factor? Would you entertain that possibility?

Jason Brock: No, I'm thinking it's always possible that I could go back, but I'm thinking I'll be doing other things. Like, I've gotten enough out of the show and learned a lot and got a lot of exposure, that I can just go on and continue in my career and do great things. So I don't think I'll be going back.

Did you ever feel like L.A. and Simon weren't taking you seriously enough as a singer and/or performer?

Jason Brock: Well, I do think that maybe they didn't take me seriously enough in part, you know, because I am more than just a flamboyant performer. I am a singer and I can sing sincerely too, so I think it's cool though to show the fun part -- because that's definitely a part of me.

So I don't think that was bad, but I think that it was important to show the serious part too. I think that the second song I did on the live show showed that and so did my Judges' Homes song, so I think they took me seriously but also wanted to show the fact I had another side. So, I'm generally happy. I don't know that Simon really took me seriously.