Jasmine Goode had one of the more memorable exits on The Bachelor after losing her cool and threatening to choke Nick Viall, a joke he clearly didn't find funny. Now, Viall is opening up about why he let Goode go.

"Jasmine is a woman I was intrigued by since the first night we met," Viall wrote in his People blog of the 29-year-old pro basketball dancer from San Francisco, CA. "She is beautiful, outgoing and knows exactly what she wants."

Viall never asked Goode on a one-on-one date, or even a two-on-one date. Over the course of several weeks, the bachelorette therefore became increasingly more frustrated and insecure about why the Bachelor was keeping around. She felt Viall didn't notice her when entering a room or pay attention to her.

"Throughout the journey, I felt like she had been questioning herself and letting the environment into her head. I know how this world can be intimidating and can make you doubt yourself," Viall justified. "I think that Jasmine was just forcing something that wasn't coming naturally."

Goode made it known she really liked and cared for Viall before he sent her packing right in the middle of a group date in St. Thomas.

"I enjoyed her company, her wit and energy, but there was an emotional connection that wasn't clicking," Viall revealed. "Once Jasmine told me how she felt, I knew I didn't and wouldn't feel the same in return."

Goode wasn't the only woman in that position, as Viall eliminated Danielle Lombard immediately after she confessed she was falling in love with The Bachelor star. (Not to mention he sent four other women home in the latest episode -- Josephine Tutman, Alexis Waters, Jaimi King and Whitney Fransway).

"It is a terrible feeling to have to say goodbye to someone who so badly wants to make it work," Viall explained. "But I felt by keeping [Jasmine], even until the Rose Ceremony, would be giving her the wrong impression -- and would be wasting her time."

Viall suggested he didn't enter the group date anticipating an elimination and so Goode's ouster was a spontaneous decision.

"That night didn't exactly end the way I had expected," noted the Bachelor.

"All I wanted to do was get back on track and move past the emotional day, but it didn't happen. That evening was the first time I had walked away from a group date feeling somewhat helpless and discouraged."
About The Author: Elizabeth Kwiatkowski
Elizabeth Kwiatkowski is Associate Editor of Reality TV World and has been covering the reality TV genre for more than a decade.