Done in by his own unrelenting paranoia, Jamie Newton, a 24-year-old water ski instructor originally from Douglas, Georgia, was voted out of Survivor: Guatemala during last night's broadcast of the CBS reality show.

Survivor: Guatemala's tenth episode began with merged Xhakum tribe returning from the Night 24 Tribal Council in which Bobby Jon Drinkard had been voted off. The tribe's dominant alliance had originally planned to vote off Gary Hogeboom, however the former NFL quarterback had thwarted their plans by, just before the castaways began voting, revealing that he had managed to find the hidden Immunity Idol that granted him immunity from the Tribal Council vote.

When the tribe returned to camp, most of his fellow castaways congratulated Gary for saving himself, but not Jamie. "I think Gary's shady," he explained during his confessional. "Everyone else thinks he's a good guy but I don't think he really is."

Seeking to convince everyone else of Gary's "shadiness," Jamie tried to persuade his allies that Gary's vote for Cindy Hall had been part of some elaborate plan to fracture the group's six-person alliance. "Gary voted for Cindy to try to confuse our group," Jamie told his allies. But none of his allies seemed to be buying into the theory, and when Jamie continued pressing about the issue, Cindy made it clear that she'd heard enough. "I don't care -- it's one vote, whoop dee doodle," Cindy exclaimed.

Cindy's reaction seemed to further incense Jamie, causing him to then pick a fight with Gary. When it was all over, Jamie's actions had left his allies more concerned than ever about his increasingly erratic behavior. "He doesn't even think before he starts an argument... none of it made sense to anybody," Cindy complained. "Emotionally I guess this game might be taking a toll on him and psychologically he's losing it," Judd Sergeant remarked.

On Day 25, the tribe gathered for the Reward Challenge. The castaways would compete in two teams comprised of two men and two women. Each male and female pair would be tied together with a length of rope and have to race across a mud-pit obstacle course and retrieve clay pots filled with corn. Once one pair returned with a pot full of corn, a team's other pair would retrieve the next pot, with the two pairs alternating turns until they'd retrieved enough corn to fill a much larger pot.

After initially falling slightly behind, the team of Judd, Gary, Stephenie LaGrossa, and Danni Boatwright were able to benefit from Lydia Morales' struggles and easily win the challenge, landing the group a helicopter ride and an overnight stay at a beautiful estate. While away, Gary approached Stephenie and Judd with the suggestion that since there were now only eight castaways left in the game, Stephenie and Judd should break up their six-person alliance and ensure that that no "under the radar" players made it to the game's end. "If they shut me down, they shut me down, but I've got to try because I am the next to go if they do not change," Gary explained to the cameras.

"My whole thing has been that I want to take the strongest four to the Final 4 so [that] nobody slides by... [people] with good attitudes, that work hard in camp, and that are great competitors," Gary explained to Stephenie and Judd. "If Lydia goes to the Final 2, guess whose winning -- Lydia. If Cindy goes to the Final 2, guess whose winning -- Cindy. And do they deserve it?"

While Stephenie appeared receptive to the idea (in fact, she appeared to be more than receptive, she seemed to be actively working with Gary to convince Judd of the idea), Judd didn't appear to have much of any reaction, remaining largely silent during the discussion. "Bonding with Gary and Danni is not going to effect my game because I know what my game plan is," Judd later explained. Nonetheless, Judd's lack of a response didn't stop Stephenie, Danni, and Gary from discussing who they'd want to vote off first if they did decide to shake things up: Jamie.

Back at camp, Jamie paranoia grew even stronger when he suddenly pressured Rafe Judkins to give him "his word as a man" that he'd agree to a Final 3 alliance comprised of Judd, Jamie, and himself. When Rafe explained that he didn't want to do so "after [only] five minutes of thinking about it," Jamie instead began pressuring Rafe to "swear" to the group's Final 6 alliance. Rafe protested that he'd already done so, causing Jamie to explain that "I'm so scared that you'll change your mind though... I just don't want to get suckered... don't sucker me, I have to at least make [the] top six." "I've almost given up trying to understand Jamie's strategy... I think that Jamie is just kinda losing it... he's constantly freaked out," Rafe later lamented.

The next morning, Judd, Gary, Stephenie, and Danni were surprised by coffee and -- more importantly to the castaways -- their videotapes from home. "If we didn't get any food or shower or nothing and just got the videotapes, I would have been completely satisfied," Stephenie gushed. "It was just the icing on the cake." "It was the best reward challenge prize that we possibly could have had," Gary added.

As soon as the group returned back to camp, Jamie approached Judd and asked him whether the foursome had discussed "any strategy talk" during their overnight trip. "Not at all, not even a peep, I swear to you, and you know I wouldn't lie to you," Judd quickly replied as he avoided eye contact and quickly wandered away. Luckily for Judd, Jamie didn't appear to pick up on Judd's very telling body language.

On Day 27, the castaways gathered for the Immunity Challenge, a two-stage competition in which each castaway would be hooked to a rope and have to navigate themselves through an obstacle course. Realizing that an Immunity Challenge win was still the only way to ensure that he's survive the evening's upcoming Tribal Council session, Gary went all out during the challenge. But although Gary led the first round most of the way, he got tangled up near the end, allowing Rafe, Cindy, Jamie, and Stephenie to compete in the four-person second stage. The second stage turned into a two-person between Cindy and Rafe, and although Cindy (like Gary in the first stage) had also opened up a big lead, she also became tangled near the end, allowing Rafe (for the second time) to win immunity.
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Once the castaways arrived back at camp, Jamie once again began expressing his paranoia. "There's nothing to freak out about," Judd assured a nervous Jamie. "Jamie is just very paranoid, he's not going anywhere. He might get one vote from Gary and that's it," the somewhat frustrated doorman lamented to the cameras.

But unbeknownst to Judd, Jamie's behavior had finally pushed the rest of his allies past their breaking point. "For me personally, Jamie's paranoia is just getting crazy -- he just doesn't know when to be quiet and it's getting old," Cindy vented. And after Jamie once again asked Rafe to confirm that his Final 6 allies weren't going to vote him off, Rafe had had enough. "I don't know what to tell you, you constantly ask me... [but] if you ask me again, I might [vote for you]," Rafe told Jamie.

Pushed past his breaking point, Rafe confided to Lydia that Jamie was driving him insane. "He's asked me seven times today if I'm still sticking with [our Final 6 plan]," Rafe vented. Although she admitted that the fact that she'd been together with Jamie "since Day 1" would make it difficult for her to think about voting him off, Lydia suggested Rafe approach Stephenie with the idea.

After listening to Rafe's suggestion, Stephenie said she'd be "in on that," but also noted her concerns that "Gary is a smooth operator." But once Rafe told Stephenie and Lydia that "I think we should do it," Stephenie acknowledged that "that's what my heart says too" -- putting pressure on Lydia to agree to the plan.

Although viewers weren't shown Lydia's response to her conversation with Rafe and Stephenie, her answer became clear when Jamie (to the surprise of both Jamie and Judd) was voted out of Survivor: Guatemala via a 7-2 vote at the evening's Tribal Council.

Jamie appeared to take his unexpected ouster surprisingly well. "BLINDSIDED, NICE -- now that's how you vote somebody out," he shouted to the remaining castaways as Survivor host Jeff Probst extinguished his torch. But based on the previews for next week's episode, Judd won't be taking the development nearly as well.