James Huling is a fan-favorite Big Brother houseguest and his quirky personality is certainly fun to watch.

James, a 32-year-old staff recruiter from Wichita Falls, TX, initially played on Big Brother 17 and has returned to the series' 18th season for a second chance at the $500,000 grand prize.

James can't help but criticize this season's batch of houseguests because, so far, they've been switching up alliances constantly and getting into arguments with one another. However, James always keeps things light and fun.

As of now, James is part of the house's majority "8 Pack" alliance. He appears to have loyalty to Da'Vonne but it's unclear who his "ride or dies" -- according to houseguest Paulie Calafiore -- are. He seems onboard to stick with his fellow veteran players Da'Vonne, Frank Eudy and Nicole Franzel.

Below is a list of 9 facts Reality TV World has compiled about James Huling:

- He was born on May 22, 1984, and his astrological sign is a Gemini.

- The Asian-American houseguest served in the armed forces for six years. He also worked as a retail associate when he was first cast on Big Brother.

- James was born in South Carolina and later moved to Texas. He lost his mother to cancer and his father was unable to care for him, so he ended up being adopted by a Caucasian family in his early teens.

- He loves his Southern roots and worked as a corrections officer in a prison for three years.

- James is known for being a prankster in the Big Brother house. He especially likes to pop out of random places and scare people.

- The houseguest is a big flirt! On his first season, he repeatedly tried to begin a showmance with fellow alliance member Meg Maley but did not succeed.

- On BB 17, James placed 7th when he was voted out of the house in a double eviction episode. On finale night, however, he won the "America's Favorite Houseguest" award.

- James refers to himself as a "hillbilly Asian" and has a cardboard cutout of Taylor Swift.

- He has a biological daughter and also said he had "inherited" an adopted son. He also has a cat named Gizmo.